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Is it ok to remove all the strings at once when you are changing your strings on an acoustic guitar?

I've heard two different ways to change strings.  One way is to remove and replace them one at a time. The other way is that you remove them all at once.  What is your experience in this matter?  I have done both and am not sure which is the proper way to restring my guitar.  I also have heard someone say to remove the strings one at a time but alternating from the treble to the base till you have them all changed and tuned.

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I always remove all strings at once and then replace them. I've been doing this for years with no adverse effects. Guitar necks and truss rods are pretty strong. I change strings about every six weeks.


BTW - I don't "stretch" my strings either. They tend to go flat for the first 5 minutes or so (while they stretch themselves)... and then they stabilize.


Others may (will!) disagree... but this is the way I do it, and it works for me.


- m 



Thanks for the input!  I like the opportunity that this method gives to clean everything up.


I've done it both ways too.  I don't think it matters.  If you look at the instructional video on Taylor Guitar's website they show taking all the strings off.  This allows you to clean the fingerboard and frets while you are changing strings, if you want to.


Thanks for the input Walt.

Well if its just a guitar with no under saddle pick-up I remove all the strings, and only half the strings with a undersaddle pick-up. But if you know what you are doing then removing them all is no biggy any more with the necks being so much stonger then they were in the very old days, but I say develope your own way of doing it

 and whatever works for you is all that matters.ship

Thanks Ship your input is appreciated!

Does anyone have an opinion on this subject when the guitar is a classical with no truss rod? I've never removed all the strings at once and probably never will, but I would like to hear some other takes on this.
I always take al the strings off of my classical, clean it up and restring it.  A classical with no truss rod will use nylon strings so while the neck may not be as strong, it is under much less tension than a typical steel string accoustic
Its actually easier to remove all the strings on a classical guitar as there is even less stress for the neck, and as guitars are being built even better with the neck joints and other builds there should be absolutely no problem with removing all the strings and this way you can give your frets and fingerboard a good wipe down and clean the saddle area also.ship
Thanks for the reply, Ship. I just took a close look at my fretboard and, although I wipe it down regularly after long playing and practice sessions, ... well, let's just say all the strings are coming off for the next changing.
I'll second Walt's take on it.  I like to clean my guitars when I change the strings.  Obviously the fret board is much easier to clean with out strings in the way.
On my acoustics, I change them all out at the same time.  On my electrics I do them one at a time, only reason I do them one at a time, is because the bridge will fall off if I don't.  The strings are what holds it on.   I could do them all on some of my electrics, but just have gotten in the habit of one at a time even though a few of the electrics are string through or tele bridges.  I do however stretch my strings either way until they tune out correctly, whether I do it my pulling the strings, or by tightening them maybe two whole steps higher and then tuning down to correct pitch.


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