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Ok Everyone how about some input on kids guitar or parlor guitars that are good for kids  5 and 8.I have a taylor and I think my daughter would like the Taylor .,Taylor guitar and am sure the little guy wants to be like dad .But I am wondering if a small parlor maybe better.Any thoughts .500 dollars tops probly.Thanks Davey C

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That is my Picture that FloridaGull posted,(Emailed it to him) I am selling either one, if interested please contact me!

O k Thanks Susi.What are you askin for the ami? or the baby?


$230.00 shipped for the baby, $250. shipped for the AMI, Thanks!

Davey -

FWIW, if my car didn't break in a rather spectacular fashion, I would have had the money to buy one of these - but since I can't, you can...

Happy Shopping!

Ok - here's another thought - Breedlove Passport C200/SMP:

And a link - $319 - any thoughts?

Scale length is kind of long at 25.5"... 

Isn't that the one that also has to be tuned differently?  Think I read that in a review somewhere.


Heres' the AGM video review of the Breedlove Passport C250 ... tuned to "A" 

Wow!  Has 1.75 inch nut on a travel size ... (nice!) ... and this model has a 19.1 inch scale ...


There are many models of Passport - the C200/SMP has a 1 11/16th inch nut - with a 25.5 " scale length, I don't see why it would be tuned differently...

The one on the video must be a different model...

Passport Series
C250/COe - Features
$699 MSRP
N250/COe - Features
$699 MSRP
C250/CMe-FS - Features
$669 MSRP
C250/CMe Travel Scale
C250/CMe Travel Scale - Features
$629 MSRP
C200/SMP - Features
$429 MSRP
D/MMe - Features
$629 MSRP
OM/MMe - Features
$629 MSRP
The video is probably the C250/CMe Travel Scale...

wow thats cool I like the breedlove,but it is a little more than what I was thinkin.Thanks susi. I just may take you up on the baby taylor,don't know  yet.thanks everyone.


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