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I am seriously considering getting a Kindle Fire.  The price is right and it is color which is important to me because I wanted something I could use to replace having to get 'physical' magazines.  One of the magazines I want to get on a Kindle Fire would be the excellent Acoustic Guitar. 


I emailed Acoustic Guitar and they don't have any plans to create an electronic version of their magazine.


I was wondering how many other people would be willing to pay for a subscription and get an electronic version of Acoustic Guitar?

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Well i have a sony book reader which I use for reading old out of print books for free, but Id like a colour one for magazines ans such. Saves having tons of magazines in the house that no-one else reads and just get thrown out!

Just a personal preference with me, but I prefer a paper version of "collectable" magazines like AGM ... now newspapers and perishable things like Time or Newsweek and other throw-away stuff, that's different.

Well i can't keep my magazines, once Ive read them they have to go!

I fully understand.  Most magazines are trash after I've read them, but I find the stuff in AGM and a few others to be timeless, sort of like National Geographic or Smithsonian and a few others.  I hang onto them for future reference or to pass along to others.

Who says you would 'lose' them if they were electronic?  How long do you plan on keeping them?  And Amazon just created a 'sharing' system so you can share books between Kindle users.


I am finding that I want to de-clutter my life.  One way to do that is to go electronic when & where ever possible.



Call me old-fashioned.  I plan on keeping them indefinitely.  I'm just not a fan of Kindle, etc.  I'm not trying to be critical.  I understand those who are fans and we just have different outlooks.  I don't consider a bookshelf full of my favorite volumes, or a collection of magazines with timeless information to be clutter.  Your original question was "Would I pay for a subscription to an electronic version of AGM?"  So, I guess my answer would be no. 

Thing is i read then bin. Cant possibly keep them all. If they were emags however...
I have over 500 books on my little device!

And by the same token, AGM offers some nice video lessons and reviews, etc. on their website that are not included in the hard copy of the magazine.  Certainly both paper and e-versions have their place.

The Web material I use my laptop & big monitor at home to read/watch & practice w/ my guitar.



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