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I found this guitar at a pawn shop. Well made, for a reasonable price. Of course I bought it. I'd never heard of the company before, but the label says hand crafted, quality guaranteed. and for $300 I couldn't beat the sound. I've checked their web page and talked to every local collector I know. Is there anyone out there who knows anything at all about this company? Serial number, model number and pictures available on request.

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Landola started back in 1942, in the late 80's they were caontracted out to produce acoustics for Peavey which didn't go so well for them. They still make guitars but now in Pietarsaari, Finland.
You should post a picture here.Ship
Here are some pictures. One is strictly label with model and serial #s. one front, one back.
any chance you'd know anybody who would know anything about the value of the guitars? the model number on my guitar doesn't match any of their current model numbers.
try this site and explore and you find it. and if you are unsure then contact them.Ship
been there and e-mailed them. i think they went out of business. their site has been under construction since 2008. that's how i know that it was at least made in 1992 becuase of the serial number, but the model number doesn't match anything i've seen. i'm searching high and low trying to find someone who's heard of them before and can give me a hand. but since i love in the states, finding people who are familiar with a finnish company isn't working out too well for me.
This is the one I owned for at short time, and passed it on with no regrets
Hi Jan. I can't get access and I would love to see it!
try again, I have changed the settings
I once owned a 6 string Landola dread. It had cutaway and a bad 3 band preamp (can´t remember the name of it), and to be honest I did´nt like it much
Living in Scandianavia, I sure wanted to own a guitar from "my" part of the world, but I had to let it go
It had a boxy sound IMO
On the other hand I tryed this one some months ago, an I enjoyed it. (go to akustisk guitar in the meny, and select Landola from the list)
It had a nice brigth tone and was easy to play,
Try before you buy, if you can

Here is a link to the homepage The last update appers to be 2008, but maybee you can find usefull informations ?

Sorry for spelling and gramma, english is not my first languige
Hi. My name is Ted. Which I assume is obvious from the tag. I would love to play (own?) a Landola. Apparently the company is now owned by the son and daughters of the previous owner who has an adviser role. I searched all over and was unable (at first try) to find a store in Europe who sold them. I have found one of the daughters on Facebook and I'm waiting for a reply. I host the Goya/Levin site so my interest makes geographical sense.

I will give you a hint if a Landola  is for sale in Denmark. I owned one once, but was not impressed.The only one for sale at this moment is a nylon stringed.

They are not rare here, as I recall Landola was taken over by Peavey


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