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I'm new to the community, but have been playing guitar way longer than my abilities suggest.. going on 45 years.. but just acquired a dream guitar from my "youth"... a mint Gurian S2M from 1976..


Anyone else out there own one.. or other model.. I'm trying to get some details on orignal recommendations for string gauge or setup info. on this elusive instrument... can't seem to find out a lot about them.. or the builder, Michael Gurian.. though I understand he is considered to be one of the early boutique builders and mentor to a number of renowned modern luthiers.. Froggy Bottom, Cumpiano, and others. Maybe trade some sound clips?

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I have a Gurian jumbo rosewood (East Indian Rosewood) J-R serial number C2568 which I bought new in 1977 in a music store in Austin, Texas. I've used it regularly now for over 30 years so it does show signs of use. The back has scratches from all the years of playing. The top has a pickguard but shows wear near the sound hole from finger wear. There are a few small dings in the top as well. There is a small chip missing from the peghead (where some drunk lady knocked my guitar into a friend's banjo). The finish on the guitar shows checking from all the years here in the dry Idaho climate. I understand the jumbos were particularly susceptable to this. There are no structural issues with the guitar at all and no previously repaired cracks or anything like that. It is in the original hardshell case and still has the letter of thanks from Michael Gurian on the purchase.  The craftsmanship on these Gurian's is superb with the outstanding quality of the spruce and rosewood and the extra touch of wood binding. The jumbo size was great when I was playing with bluegrassers with it's big bassy sound. The nut width on this guitar is 42mm (1-21/32").

I may be interested in selling the guitar. As a result of a shoulder problem I usually play a smaller bodied guitar now. If you are interested then please contact me.

Hey Orlyn,


You didn't buy your Gurian in Dobie Mall on the edge of the UT campus, did you?  That's where I met my first Gurian, and though I couldn't afford to buy one then, I never forgot it.


Time has passed, and now once again I can't afford to buy your Gurian, or I'd shoot you an offer! The more things change ....


Best of luck,


I can't remember the name of the store that I got the Gurian from. The were very hard to find in Texas in 1977. Checked out one other shop at the time that was in Houston but they didn't have anything in stock and were not particularly helpful.

Please pass along to anyone you might know that might be interested in the guitar.

I own a Gurian JM that I bought in 1978, so it's a pre - fire guitar. I am considering selling it, because I want to buy a Rickenbacker 330 and it's the only way I could afford one. (I have other hand made guitars so it's not a tragedy.) Where would be the best place to advertise it, and what do you think it's worth? I have seen Gurians advertised on the bay for $1500 - $2900 (that one hasn't sold, so I'm guessing that's too high.)
The used acoustic market is a bit soft overall right now, so though I've seen near mint J-Ms top $2000 on eBay in the past, that's not likely today. If you want to sell it on eBay (and that's probably still your best bet) you might want to start relatively low, then set a reserve price in the neighborhood of $1300 or $1400, depending on condition. I'd offer to buy it myself, but I already have another fellow trying to sell me a pair of J-Ms, and I'm not sure where the money would come from in any case ....

Could you tell me the serial number of your J-M, for my date/serial/model list?

Good luck with your sale!

The serial number is C3232. I bought it in 1978, I'd have to dig out the receipt to find the exact date. I still have the brochure and the thank you letter from Michael Gurian, too! I don't know yet if I'll sell it, I'm still trying to decide. My first step will be to play one of the new Rickenbacker 330's to see if I like it as well as the vintage one I played.
Hi David,
You are The Gurian guy, and I'm new to the family, and have recently acquired JM C 2355 from a very famous player, lead guitarist, and video teaching pioneer. It was part of a trade for a superb old Martin. It is in magnificent condition, and is full of sound and voice. Undecided if I'll keep it or not...just thought I'd throw in the # for your records,
Well thank you! Just last night I was updating my Gurian database, and realized that I've actually got pictures of 42 different Gurian guitars, and that one day I could put all this information on a web page so that people could click on certain serial number/model listings to see what the instrument looks like. I even have pictures of a size 1 Gurian!
Thanks for the information!
Okay, I know I shouldn't bite -- my allowance was spent long ago -- but what do you want to get for this one? By the way, the early D series instruments all had the "G" on the headstock. The full "Gurian" shows up on about 60% or so of the D series instruments, the "G" on the other 40%.
YT, Do you have any idea how much you'll be selling it for?
SInce David didn't bite, is the guitar still available?
I am in Santa Barbara and am usually up in the Bay area every two months. My email is Can you send me the other photos?


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