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I am considering a looper for my solo act.  I don't want to store loops, I just want to step on the looper and have it record a verse of the song so I can play a lead over the rhythm the next time the progression comes around.  When I am done with the solo and go back to vocals, I want to step on the looper and have it stop and erase all at once so I can repeat the process a few songs later.  I don't want to have to bend over to switch to a new channel or anything else.  Is there something out there that does this?

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Yes...there is....unfortunately, I don't know what it's called...but, a buddy of mine had one...and it was awesome...I suggest asking a music store....if you find what you want, you won't be sorry.  Wish I could have been more help!

If you talk to your buddy soon, let me know.  i went to a music store and they only had the loopers that stored loops and did a bunch of other things.

I believe most loopers are designed to do just what you're looking for and much more.  I've seen some in use made by Digitech, Boss, and Line 6, but lots more come up in a search.  All the demos I've seen go crazy with all the options and it's hard to sort out what all is going on.  I also have to say I've only seen one performer use one in a classy way, like you're talking about.  Will Kimbrough was very stealthy about how he recorded his loops and it was only obvious when he was playing single note lines over recorded chord progressions (I later noticed him doing it on the fly).  Others seem to build up a set of loops that they play over after the set up.  I just want to hear them play their songs!!

I agree with you, Tom.  I do not want a bunch of pre recorded clips.  I like real live music and the looper is borderline, but if it is recording of what I just played a few seconds ago - I am willing to go with it.  I really dislike the trend towards pre recorded background passing as live music.

Check out the Boss RC-3.  It'll do exactly what you want and a very nice piece of gear too.


thanks to all for replies.  I'm off to check these out.

Try Band in a Box.  A friend of mine does solo gigs with one.  He will usually record himself in two loops and then play them back when he does the song.  It sounds like he has two guys doing backing vocals.  You close your eyes and it sounds like three people on stage.  He does this live by telling the audience what he is doing, usually saying that he always wanted to be in a bigger band or some other humorous comments.  He uses a foot pedal to record and playback and keeps several loops pre-recorded.  I don't think it costs much.  It is small - about 1" high and 5" wide - and it sits on top of his amp.  Worth a look-see.

I got the Boss RC-3 which seems to fit the bill even though it wants to do more than I want it to do.  I have found a remote foot switch males ot a bit better for my needs.  I used it on my gig last night and felt it did a good job with the numbers I used it on.  I need more practice time with it. 

I have the old RC-2 and it works great for what I want it to do; "BUT" I have found that after a few years of using it, the switch is starting to miss up.  It causes scratching, and issues with bypassing, etc.  I have to reach down and jiggle the box a few times, uplug and replug the cables into it to try and clear some of the issues.  Other than that works great.  If I was using it live, I would get the RC-3.  I did get a few years use out of the RC-2 and still use it at home.

Yes I just got one last weekend! TC Electronics makes it, and it's called the Ditto Looper. There's only one button and one knob. I'm about to post an instructional video on my youtube channel, but in the mean time you can check out others, just search ditto looper in youtube and you can see some awesome demo's. As soon as I feel comfortable with it, I'm taking it on the road with me and including it in my shows. I basically just do the bar crawl in blacksburg/roanoke VA now and I think this will be perfect for me! Hope this helps!  My youtube channel is if you got a minute.

Thomas Thurman
Roland AC-33 stereo acoustic looper Amp, records, but doesn't store loops, you can "layer" looped tracks, play two guitars through it, or mike, and one guitar-even takes batteries, some say Roland Acoustic Amps sound a bit "processed" personally, I like them, they do what it says on the label, good enough for me.


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