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Last week I decided to take up acoustic guitar,  I decided on a Washburn C40 from Guitar Center.  Sadly, after waiting about a week for UPS to send it to my local store, I discovered up openening it, that arrived damaged.  I swiftly returned it to Guitar Center where they exchanged it for a Lucero LC100S. They also threw in a very slightly used hard case and 2 years insurance.  Not such a bad deal!  While I can find much about Washburn, I can find nothing about Lucero. It says inside it was made Samick in Indonesia. When I search this company I find no mention of Lucero. I also find no other info online which would lead me directly to the maker if this guitar, it's history ( if any), and who to contact.

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Wow thats to bad about the Washburn which I think is a far better instrument. Lucero is just the brand name the maker is Samick, it is one of many that Samick makes for who knows who at this point.

You should contact Guitar Center and ask them, these are fairly new guitars on the market so there isn't really any history  other then the Samick  who makes guitars for a lot of stores who sell them under whatever names then can come up with.

Good luck on taking up classical guitar and sorry that I couldn't give you more infromation I would like to recommend that you see if you can exchange it for say the Washburn C-64 SCE which has a solid top making it a much better guitar for sound as it will improve the more you play it and price wise they look to be about the same.

Just a thought.ship


To me it all boils down to how does the guitar feel in your hands and sound to your ear.


If it sounds good to you and is responsive to your touch forget everything else and just play the thing and enjoy.

Yes, it appears that Lucero and also MItchell are both made for Guitar Center by Smaick.  Also discovered that Mitchell ( name of person who founded GC) is being phased into a more Spanishi sounding Lucero.  In any case, like there arre some people who believe the Ford Pinto is the best car ever made, the holder of the guitar is the final voice. I am going to enjoy my new instrument while I learn how to use it. As time goes by, if I feel like I might enjoy a better fit and sound, I can always upgrade.


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