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Meet Dick Boak and Richard Johnston to talk about the history of Martin Guitars

Boak and Johnston co-authored the new books Martin Guitars: A History and Martin Guitars: A Technical Reference and in doing so, uncovered new information about the history of C.F. Martin and Co.

In this forum environment, we invite you to engage with the authors of those books and ask questions about the research that went into the project, some of the new facts that are presented both in the books and in our story, and the long process of writing the books.

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Hi all, I am a new member of forum. Would a newcomer be warmly welcome here? Good day you guys!!!
Last year I purchased a LH DX-1 for $225. The guitar has seen slight use and had spent most of its life in a case in the closet. This was not my first choice from Martin but for the price I thought it might make a good campfire guitar.
But to my surprise it sounded amazing and it's sounding better with regular playing. Several owners of high end guitars have looked it over and commented on the sounds this guitar makes. Some have scratched their heads trying to figure out what kind of wood the back and side is made from (hpl looks like wall paneling) . Not everybody keeps up with advancements and newer models obviously.
What can you tell me about this guitar and it's history. Just curious.


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