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Hi . . guy, but old (from the hippie days) guitar junkie

anyways since I retired from home building and started building guitars I thought it would be nice to really begin to play one. I have been finger picking and goofing for many years. . . . but not on a serious level. I'm onto DADGAD now and absolutely loving it (celtic) music.

Question: It seems when using open tuning you lose the need for chords . . . (you know, you pick a chord in EADGBE like C and play the notes around it to form the melody) then the same in maybe G chord and so on.

Does DADGAD need chords in order to put out a really good, well balanced, harmonically sound solo tune? It almost seems to me that they (chords) get in the way of the melody as it moves up the neck.

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Here is a great place to start with.
and another great chord chart for that D tuning and as you can see very little in actual open tunings here.
But that doesn't mean you can't also play around the chords indicated, though it is harder to do, from a memory point anyway.Ship
thanks Ship. I'll take it over there.
Think Joe Pass.


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