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My wife and I found out a few months back that we'd be having our third child.
We found out today it was a boy.

Can't believe she agreed to let me name him Taylor...even after hearing it was because of hte guitars!

She's even going to let me purchase a new Taylor in a year or so in honor of the little booger! :)

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Name the next one Martin... should be a good excuse to buy one! All the best for the baby.
Hi Blake..and Congrats on the impending addition to the family...Taylor is a great name...go ahead and get a "Baby" Taylor and save it for the Kid..then you'll both have one.
Taylor...that's ok. I thought you were going to name him something like Takamine or Epiphone.

What will his middle name be? 814ce?
That's great! hahahaha....need to find a Baby Taylor T-Shirt...

Congratulations!  Nice choice for a name...


Taylor Guitars are my favorite.  I have 3 of them!

Sure hope you don't start gassing for a "Froggy Bottom" for the kid's sake.

(Great guitars,not so much a childs name) Ha....

Our daughters aren't named after musical instruments, but I suppose our son was named for half a drum.

Tom turned 36 last month.

At least you did not name him Stratocaster.
I'd have to name mine Jonathan Martin Seagull ... :-)
Oh my God! Do we have no shame? Oh, the humanity... ;-)

I hope he starts playing guitar before E7!!!!!!!



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