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Hey i picked up to acoustic guitars from my local charity shop the other day one of them in a epiphone by gibson sq180
and the other is a mountain w2500 made in japan

can anyone tell me how much these are maybe worth i paid £110 for them both
wondering if they were worth what i paid or not ?
get back pleasee

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Jeez... Fuzzy pics, my man.   Hint.  Use something better than your cell-phone camera.   Take 'em outside where there's some light.  (flashes glare badly off most guitar finishes)

Take a close up of the headstock, and the soundhole decal, if any.  Focus. 


The one on the right looks like a Gibson, but without the logo visible it's impossible to tell if it's a copy.

hey here are more photos thanks :)
more photos here thank you :)

There ya go...    "Mountain", according to the first hit on Google, is a 70s Japanese brand.  At that time, the Japanese were busily producing thousands of guitars, most of which were copies of quality instruments.  

Quality varies a great deal, as these were produced in many different factories with little quality control.

I doubt it's worth much, or has any collector's value.  Likely, the firm has long since gone out of business.

If it's a decently built guitar and sounds good; you're golden.


The other is an Epiphone copy of a Gibson (Hummingbird, I believe).  Epiphone is the brand name Gibson uses to market it's line of entry-level guitars.  They are made in Asia, as yours was in Korea.   These are still in production and are generally thought of as pretty decent instruments.

You can write to Gibson for more details on yours since the serial number is clearly visible.

yeah its japanise and it plays really nice and looks really nice so was jsut curious whether or not if was worth anything


thanks for the help

The Mountain should be a pretty nice guitar, the Epi well I am not sure about these so called tribute guitars they made.

Here is an old catalogue re some of the mountain brands made in the early 70's.


thanks mate for the help and yeah it sounds really nice actually just was wondering if it was worth anything
Worth well thats a tough one right now with the market being what it is and so many great acoustics are taking a major hit  unless you find the right person who really has to have the guitar one is selling, but conservatively lets say between $250.00 US to a high of $550.00 US.hope this helps I think you scored pretty decently.ship
okay cheers mate for your help yea i only paid £110 GBP for them both so think i got a good deal and there both in mint condition


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