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My original plan was to purchase a Seagull S6 Cedar Original guitar.
After waiting almost a month to receive it at a local store I got a little inpatient and visited another local store.

There I came upon a Taylor Big Baby. I fell in love with the feel of this guitar (especially the neck shape) and it sounded great to me.

I purchased it and have been playing it for the last three hours. I really like it.
Understand that this is the first acoustic that I've played for more than five minutes so I really don't have a lot of knowledge to compare it with other guitars.

I just like the way it feels and sounds.
(I am finding that I really like the overall sound of an acoustic which is totally new to me.)

I guess I won't be picking up the Telecaster for a bit.

Anyone else using a Taylor Big Baby and what do you think of it?

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I've played the Baby a few times, but have never bought one.

However, cedar tops are great for fingerstyle playing. If you do get that Seagull, remember cedar is a soft wood and you should avoid using picks with it.
Thanks for the input John.
I ended up with the Taylor Big Baby and I'm loving it.
Hi Wayne,
I'm a "beginner" also (used to play 25 years ago!) and just got a Taylor GS Mini--and I LOVE IT! I was playing a nylon string Yamaha, and this is amazing. What a beautiful instrument. It has certainly motivated me to practice.
I love the acoustic guitar and obsiolusly my Talor.
I have not picked up my electri since I purchased the Taylor.

Good luck and enjoy yourself.


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