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My original plan was to purchase a Seagull S6 Cedar Original guitar.
After waiting almost a month to receive it at a local store I got a little inpatient and visited another local store.

There I came upon a Taylor Big Baby. I fell in love with the feel of this guitar (especially the neck shape) and it sounded great to me.

I purchased it and have been playing it for the last three hours. I really like it.
Understand that this is the first acoustic that I've played for more than five minutes so I really don't have a lot of knowledge to compare it with other guitars.

I just like the way it feels and sounds.
(I am finding that I really like the overall sound of an acoustic which is totally new to me.)

I guess I won't be picking up the Telecaster for a bit.

Anyone else using a Taylor Big Baby and what do you think of it?

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I do not have one myself, but I think that you made a very fine choice for a first acoustic guitar. You kept the expense at a reasonable level, instead of breaking the bank from the start, but most importantly you chose a fine quality instrument that is considered a great starter guitar by many.

I have never played a Taylor until last weekend when I went to Guitar Center to get my latest classical guitar. I went into the steel string room for a while and played on many different Taylor guitars and I was blown away at how much better they sound over my Ibanez steel string acoustic. Of course I was playing the $2,000+ guitars and my Ibanez was $500, so I would not put that comparison into any magazine review. :)
A good choice - my wife who has small hands - bought a Taylor Swift Baby Taylor and it sounds great too. You should enjoy your Baby Taylor for many years to come. Once you get hooked though, watch out - you will want to "upgrade" to a more expensive Taylor just like I did. It's a disease that some guitarists get that won't go away. Good luck, Roy
I agree you probably made a good choice. I would have looked at the Big Baby if it had been available last year when I was shopping for a travel guitar (I got the Little Martin LX1, which is fine.). I do like my Taylor 210e. By the way, it never made much sense to me that you had to wait so long for your Seagull S6 Original, especially since you live in Canada. They're easy to find here in central North Carolina, both new and used, like the one I got recently.
Enjoy the Taylor!
I don't know if the Big Baby is considered a travel guitar?
Although not a full dreadnought it's a pretty good size.
Not really, but it would have been on my list only because it is a little smaller than full size. The regular Baby Taylor and the Little Martin are much smaller than full size and also smaller than the Big Baby.
thanks Walt
thanks guys

My first concern was that it is not a full size guitar (but it feels so comfortable so I bought it.)
My second concern was in the width of the neck. I know that in all likelihood it is not as wide of a neck as the Seagull but I believe it is probably pretty well in line with a standard width.

I figured this should be okay.
That's a good question. I have always assumed that a steel string guitar abides by a standard width on the neck, but I am sure that is just an assumption and nothing more.
Taylor tends to have a nut width of 1.75" and Martin 1 11/16", which are sort of "standard" even though they are significantly different. The Seagull has a nut width of 1.8" and you can tell the difference when you play it. Some say it makes it easier to learn fingerstyle on the Seagull, but I'm not sure you'd get 100% agreement on that from experienced players.
However, the distance between the strings at the nut is about the same on Taylors as on Martins. On the Seagull there is more distance between the strings. That's what makes the difference.
I think the statement you made that you really like the sound and playability of the guitar is what is the most important factor not the brand or the money. Enjoy the guitar.
Thanks Broz

I am enjoying it immensely.
It's in the shop being set-up. Will take a few days.


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