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I have been playing electric guitar for about 10 months now. I have never had much fingertip pain after the first month or so.

After playing the acoustic for about 2 hours straight my fingertips are really hurting.

I guess I'm not such a tough guy.

I guess it could have a lot to do with the different string size or perhaps the action is different that what I'm used to.
I'll toughen up.

perhaps drop the string size one size down?

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not a problem wayne hope your day is good
This is normal. The acoustic is much rougher on the fingers and even forearm (strings are harder to hold down). If this is your first time playing it, I'm surprised it took 2 hours for the pain!

You could go with lighter strings but I'd give it a week of playing an hour most days and see how they feel first.


thats the reason when i started at 14 my dad made me learn on acoustic first....then I just wanted that electric sounds, now I prefer my acoustic.


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