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Here's a place to share some recommendations for music that are on your playlist. The lists are not about what's new in music, but just music getting your play time...

April 2012

Neil Young, "Live At Massey Hall" - this CD/DVD set is getting a good workout.  Amazing sound and set of songs done by Neil with just his guitar or a piano.  Great insight into his music with many of the tunes new at that point, going on to be classics.

CS&N, "Demos" - Classic tunes from one of my favorite bands.  Bare bones, most are tunes that you know and love stripped down and reveals the simple beauty of a well-crafted song. Now, you have no excuse not to learn one of them, at least. Crosby's version of "Deja Vu", and "Almost Cut My Hair" are spectacular.  Nash's "Marrakesh Express" shines, and Stills tunes, "You Don't Have To Cry", "Love the One You're With", and "Black Queen" are examples of a what a real singer/songwriter is all about.

Townes Van Zant, "In the Beginning" - The ultimate singer/songwriter.  You wanna argue about that? "Gypsy Friday" - not much else to say.

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Ok , My addition to the playlist is...

Bob Dylan , The Witmark Demos 1962-1964 . Amazing the young man is in his early twenties and writes and sings of a man three times his age .  This was just the start ! 

Just his guitar and piano on some songs bare bones mostly . Nice stuff !

I'll have to check that one out. Just a bit of my story... My best friend had a brother in the Navy back in the early sixties serving off the coast of Vietnam.  He sent home albums regularly to Carl, his younger brother.  His instructions were simple, listen to these songs, because they are going to change music, and if you scratch these, you better not be home when I come back.

We took great care with those albums, which included the first three from Bob Dylan. Paul even sent a songbook of  Dylan tunes and a guitar for Carl to learn how to play.  Unfortunately, the songbook was for a uke.  So, yes, Dylan is one of my favorites from way back.  In fact, my son is named Dylan.  Thanks for the recommendation!

Rich, got my copy of the Witmark Demos, came with the bonus concert disc too.  I've been listening to it for about a week.  Just the kind of Dylan I like.  The Biograph set was good, as it had some tunes on it that were pretty much just Bob's vocals, harmonica, and guitar.  This set really lets you hear the raw songs, and I can clearly pick out what he's doing on the guitar.  Dylan was an really good picker, and sounds like he used fingerstyle picking from time to time, as well.  Thanks for the recommendation! 

Tony Rice & John Carlini: River Suite for Two Guitars.  Fantastically tasteful playing from both, but I feel a little sorry for Carlini trying to match Tony, which is impossible.

John Fahey: On Air: Great live performance from John, at his best and with tons of energy and spirit.  A must listen.

Chet Atkins & Lenny Breau: Standard Brands: Again, immaculate playing by both.  Batucada, Somebody's Knockin and This Can't Be Love are simply great!

Phil ,

            I'm glad you like it .


Another few suggestions .

Either of the three releases by Nick Drake  -  Five Leaves Left , Bryter Layter or Pink Moon .

An artist that left this world way too soon . Can anyone say alternate tunings ? Take your pick of these , I don't think you'll be disappointed !

Nick Drake was an amazing guitarist, so far ahead of his time.  "Time of No Reply" is another worth a listen.

Martin Simpson - The Bramble Briar

John Martyn - One World {Deluxe version)

Bruce Cockburn - Charity of Night

I don't have any of those CDs.  I've got some catching up to do.

Here are some of my choices:

John Fahey, Return of the Repressed. This was my introduction to John Fahey. I was browsing in Borders one afternoon in the late 1990s, and they were playing this wonderful instrumental guitar music over their sound system. I had to find out what it was, so I went up to the counter and asked one of the employees. He showed me the Return of the Repressed CD. Fahey was another artist that left this world way too soon.

Mississippi John Hurt, The Best of Mississippi John Hurt. "Baby, What's Wrong with You" was one of the songs that made me want to learn to play the guitar.

Leo Kottke, Anthology. Listening to Mr. Kottke is like being on a roller coaster of music. 

Julian Bream, Guitar's Greatest Hits. A great collection of classical guitar pieces. I especially like the Spanish selections.

John Fahey, Return of the Repressed, another I've missed.

Mississippi John Hurt - Oh how I love his playing and singing.  He's an inspiration. I've got the Avalon CD, and the other, too.  He plays the 'truth' doesn't he.  I mean, no fancy gimmicks, just straight ahead playing with so much soul.

Julian Bream, I do like his playing, but my favorite classical guitarists are Andre Segovia, andd Christopher Parkening.  I'm kinda bent that way, since meeting and seeing Parkening play about 25 years ago.  But I do think Julian Bream is right up there too.  Now, Pepe Romero is another, in fact there are so many gifted classical players, it's hard to actually keep up - just like in other genres.

   I like to play Eric Clapton acoustic stuff, Tears in heaven, Layla, lay down sally

                      James Taylors   Fire and Rain ,You've got a friend

                      John Mayer      Waiten on the world to change,   who says

                     Love to play Neil Young stuff, ( Live at Massey Hall ) is great music and just fun to play.


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