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April 2012

Neil Young, "Live At Massey Hall" - this CD/DVD set is getting a good workout.  Amazing sound and set of songs done by Neil with just his guitar or a piano.  Great insight into his music with many of the tunes new at that point, going on to be classics.

CS&N, "Demos" - Classic tunes from one of my favorite bands.  Bare bones, most are tunes that you know and love stripped down and reveals the simple beauty of a well-crafted song. Now, you have no excuse not to learn one of them, at least. Crosby's version of "Deja Vu", and "Almost Cut My Hair" are spectacular.  Nash's "Marrakesh Express" shines, and Stills tunes, "You Don't Have To Cry", "Love the One You're With", and "Black Queen" are examples of a what a real singer/songwriter is all about.

Townes Van Zant, "In the Beginning" - The ultimate singer/songwriter.  You wanna argue about that? "Gypsy Friday" - not much else to say.

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My two favs are "Zuma" and "Harvest Moon" ... one the classic sloppy "Crazy Horse" electric sound and the other the purest form of country/rock/folkie Neil.  I sort of agree that only Neil Young could take some of those songs on "Americana" and make them seem cool!


I was curious about the new Americana cd, I haven't heard anything off it, so I was waiting before getting it.  I'm a fan of the acoustic Neil, but enjoy his other work too.  I had occassion to travel on my relocation from Arizona back to the MidWest.  Driving a rented U-Haul rental truck with a portable CD player and external speakers with only 3 CDs along for the ride, "After the Gold Rush","Harvest", and "Harvest Moon".  Somewhere east of Alburquerque, on an extrremely starry starry night, I pulled over for rest.  I took my cooler and setup a little picnic area amoung the volcanic rocks strewn around.  It was completly isolated, remote, and no other traffic on the hi-way.  Ate, and enjoyed the night sky and desert area with Neil playing his acoustic.  I don't know that any other music would have fit the scene.   

Seemed like even the coyotes fell silent that night. 


Now,  I would add "Live at Massey Hall" to the mini-desert concert.

Here ya go.  See what you think.  Neil Young and Crazy Horse ... "Oh Susannah"  NOTE:  This one will NOT make the coyotes fall silent, LOL.

Oh, Yeah, baby! Listened to this one and the others posted. You gotta love Neil and Crazy Horse, which I hold up as the original and greatest garage band of all time. This is rock without the rolls, at least on the 4 tracks I've heard now. Definitely the next purchase for me. Come to think of it Jud, didn't Pearl Jam do these tunes originally??? ;-)

Oh ...  I see what you did there, ;-)


One of my favorite collections is "The Essential Johnny Cash: 1955-1983." I'm not sure it's still in print. I bought it in the early 90s. It's a 3-disc set with more than 60 songs on it, covering about 30 years. It wasn't cheap, but I've listened to these songs so often, I think that the Cash was definitely worth the cash, pun intended.

Hi Rosemary!  Thanks for the nod to Johnny Cash.  What a talent he was too.  I've got a lot of Johnny Cash recordings and really love his "American" recording series of discs.  I've been working on the "list" of tunes given by him to his daughter, Rosanne Cash, only know of the ones on her disc, though.  I'd love to see the complete list, too.

What can you say about the man in black who brought us such great music, and introduced us to folks like Kris Kristofferson?  Truly a legend.

I agree. He is definitely a legend. And the “American Recordings” not only revived his career, they resulted in a series of great new songs and showed that Johnny Cash was not finished making music. The 4th CD in the series, “The Man Comes Around” was the last disc released before his death. By that time, his health was failing, and his voice is not quite as strong as it was in earlier years, but it is still his voice and his style. When he died, I was disappointed that his death did not get more coverage. There was a brief segment on the evening news, and I thought Johnny Cash deserved way more than that.

hey phil just killing time and came across this post .isaw johny cash at the cne in toronto back in 89 or 90and what was amazng was when he sang, he was so far from the mike .he could just bellow out those songs..he also signed every thing for who came up to him before the show ...


Hi, Ian,

That must have been amazing experience. And it's great that he signed things for the fans before the show. I never got to see Johnny Cash perform; I wish I had. My sister saw him, and she said that when he came out on stage, the crowd went crazy, even before he started singing.

Wow, wish I could have seen him perform.  I'd heard he was pretty appreciative of fans.  Good story!

Guitar Nights - The Four Martins (DVD) and The Martins4 (cd)

Juan Martin, Martin Simpson, Martin Carthy, Martin Taylor.  Great group of 4 guitarists playing live, sometimes with each other and sometimes solo.


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