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I've been looking around for venues that stream there concerts online (a nice way to stay home and watch live music) but I can't find that much. I'd like to find a place that has folk and acoustic music with preferably good audio and video. Does anyone know where I could find an online concert venue to fit this description?

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wow, thanks, that will keep me busy for awhile.
I just found this other one.

-really good quality video and audio.
Wow I was surprised to see so many since most places want you to come out and spend money so they can stay in business. The bad thing about you tube is having to weed through so much junk to find the good stuff.
RLS has certainly done his homework .. haha
I just wanted to add .. to the list ..
I'm looking for a place to "HOST" a live broadcast .. and maybe even sell tickets to the event ..
I think it's going be the future of concerts .. might as well get in while it's early ..
It's so much "green'er" to watch online .. think of the tour bus's , fan auto's, public trans, venue electric consumption etc etc ..
So yeah .. who know's of a place that not only allows streaming LIVE .. but also allows ticket sales :)
Jeff is a site that allows performers to charge ticket prices for their performances.  They also have a tip jar set up during the performance, so youcan make extra money.  It is an interactive show, so your audience can chime in via chat.  I just found out about this site from one of the instructors on www. Jamplay. Com.  It is open to anyone who likes to perform.
Daryl Hall has some great shows on his site:
Mostly acoustic, with a variety of artists, all recorded at Daryl's house.
Saint Rocke in Hermosa Beach has been doing this and they do a lot of acoustic/acoustic rock stuff:
You might enjoy listening to's Guitar Genius station.

Scroll down to Soothing & Sophisticated and then Guitar Genius.

You are going to love this station!

Hi Zachari,


We tried U-stream but good quality in sound and video is hard to manage. We post our best performers on Youtube and start to have a pretty good sound, need to invest to get a better video. We'll get additional time on youtube and will be able soon to post full concerts.


For pretty good acoustic gig, try Joseph Arthur's Youtube channel, You can get his full set at NYC's City Winery.



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