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Where is the best online store to purchase guitar's and accessories?
I know some are national retailers but if if you know of one you have found, share the link!

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+1 to Shoreline Music.

Dave Word for Walden Guitars and many accessories (strings, amps , etc.) -

+1 on Dave Word and "Hole In The Wood" especially if you are interested in a Walden guitar.

I recently had an awesome experience dealing with Sam Ash Direct.  Bought a brand new Taylor GA3 on closeout for $839 total (almost 50% off of MSRP) ... no shipping, not tax.  And they threw in 2-day FedEx for free.  In this particular instance they were great to deal with.  I would definitely buy from them again.

I'll also mention Wolfe Guitars in Jupiter, FL - here's a link to their inventory - - actually a medium-sized local shop, but they'll ship.  Big Breedlove dealer, good people, fair prices.

you can see for your requirement of exotic handmade guitar picks.

Looking at my receipts I've given Elderly Instruments a lot of money this year.


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