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Hi all

Please tell me what your input is on installing a pickup on my guitar. I have an Alvarez 5022.......Love it and do not want mess it up.....I would like the best type.....Help me soon....................

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what style music do you play?  in what kind of setting are you going to be amplifying?  do you want to install it yourself?  what's your budget?

I'm using an LR Baggs M1 Passive in my 5022 and it sounds outstanding.

What is the purpose?  What about mic'ing it externally?



From what I am reading, the under saddle and bridge plate pickups would not be a good fit, because of the adjustable bridge that the 5022 has.  That leaves either direct micing or sound-hole mounted pickups.  I have had great experience with the LR Baggs M1's and I also hear great things abut the Fishman Rare Earth Blends (it has a built in mic).

Can anyone corroborate what I have heard about the under saddle/bridge plate issue with adjustable bridges?


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