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Hi all,

I'd like to purchase a portable digital recorder. I just need a simple one, but with a minimum of good sound quality. It'll be to record ideas or simple tunes (me and my guitars) at home, and share them after. I've been thinking of Tascam DR-05.

Would it be a good choice? Thanks for sharing your opinions.

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Hi there! Just happened to notice this post on the Main page. 


I own a DR-05 and it's worked out nicely. Not that I'd record an album with it but it makes accurate 24-bit digital WAV files and makes for a nice field recorder (for testing amps for PAs it's great) or songwriting tool. Easy to interface with PC or Mac with a USB cable to get all the files.


Good luck!




Greg Lygon (Coming Soon!)

Thanks for your comments guys. Finally, I've changed my mind a little as I'll go for a Tascam DP-004. It'll still be within my budget, and for a supplement of about € 50, I'd have more features than on a one-track digital recorder. 4 tracks will allow me a wider range of possibilities for home recording, and making demos, recording ideas etc.

Hey fellows,

Great news : after a few weeks saving money and looking for further information here and there, I've finally purchased a Tascam DP-008!!!! It matches perfectly my expectations, the use I'd like to do with a recorder, and my budget.

I'm glad I've finally got one! Now I'm going to spend a few weeks recording some tracks and I hope to share some with you here. I'm not very used to self-recording, I make more mistakes while playing or things like that because I feel like observed you know. But I think I'll get used to that. This gear's got 8 tracks, XLR (phantom power available) and jack imputs, reverbs, EQ, plus Rev., Pan. and Level knobs for each tracks, plus many other useful features that will fit with my needs.

I'm very happy! And now I've got to work on arrangements, performances, covers or compostions and recordings ;) I may ask questiions to recording gurus here in the long run, so stay tuned!



Enjoy and congrats!!!

I chose to go for a standalone gear because I wanted something I can carry anywhere, with a good quality and without being forced to take a PC. Also, an equivalent PC configuration, regarding quality and features, requires more equipment : a good sound card, a connection interface, a good software etc. A PC also, except pro dedicated configurations, remains a (home) PC : it's not dedicated to recording only and may crash, have other troubles due to peripheral conflicts, viruses, processor/memory... You can do many things at a time with PC, but if you do too much it is less powerful in the end! I also have only a laptop, and it wouldn't have been worth investing in sound gear with it.

So Tascam DP-008 is exactly what I was looking for, very powerful with already a good set of parameters and connectors, and I can still use my computer for final cuts. It works great, and any time, anywhere, I can handle it. Tascam also provides good gear that is affordable : for any budget you can expect good quality.

HI Pascal, I was inspired by your research and your discovery of the Tascam DP-008, I bought on myself a few weeks back! So far it's working out's easy to use, that's amazing for the level of technology invovlved. Cheers

Hi Bob,

Yes the Tascam DP-008 works great, and beyond my expectations. Actually, I'll be able to do many more things than I thought. The sound quality is stunning, very easy to use, and the built-in mikes are very good too. By accident, when plugging my electro-acoustic guitar, I forgot to set the input and it was the microphone which recorded my guitar : the result really surprised me! Of course, I bet an external microphone should be even better, but for a home use, I find these mics very good already. By the way, I've found a video of someone camparing the 2 generation of Tascam portable recorders : the digital DP-008 and the old analog tape 4-track Portastudio! Here's the link :
Tascam is always a good choice, get the model that does what you like. I have the DR-07, good machine for $100.
Zoom H4n recorder with XLR inputs/stereo onboard/SDS Card etc. is one place to check. I shop here. Tascam equipment I have and use, no complaints. This is just another choice. Good Playing!!!     Adriaan

The Tascam DR05 Portable Digital Recorder is available on ZZounds for $99.00 and the Zoom H1 is also listed on their latest sale. No frills, but I have the DR009 and Zoom H4n and the H1 says it can do a big the job and can be mounted on a camera and takes up less room than any I have found so far. How much money do you want to spend and how much "Portable" do you need now." I have the H1 on order, I'll report back. It shoulod be here tomorrow. 

My buddies and I do a decent job recording on a Tascam DP-008 as well. Seems to have everything a hobbiest needs to get going...

Even my eyeglasses atre getting old. Tascam DP-008, insted of what I wrote above. The only challenge is that of increasing price for more features.


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