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I want to play my Taylor T5 to add an acoustic sound to a few songs with our band but do not want to drag around more amps.  I play my electric through a small pedal board and a Vox AC-15 and thought it may be worth getting a pre-amp to use for the T5 to route it to the PA and not through the pedal board.

Any thoughts or experience on pre-ams for both studio and light gigging? So many reviews online it is tough to narrow down....





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I have tried just about every one made, expensive to cheap and actually found that the cheap Behringer ADI21 Acoustic Modeling and DI Box works the best.  It has all the features that very expensive ones have and works outstanding and is cheap enough that if you don't like it, your not really into it for a large amount.  You can route it into a pedal board into the amp or out to PA.

It even works great on Tele's and Strat's with single coil pickups to boost them on clean channel.

I have used a LR Baggs Para Acoustic preamp for several years on different instruments with great results.  I use it for both gigging and recording.  I recommend it.  But I have never used one with a T5 and I'm not sure what the T5 likes. 

Thanks for the suggestions, the Behringer is pretty cheap!  I have had good luck with other products from them so for the $ I will have to try it out.

Thanks all


I use an Aura.  You really have to tweak the sounds--the OM sizes work best.  I have the older Aura Blender--the new one is supposed to be even better--much smaller footprint.  The system is designed for undersaddle pickups rather than the body pickup in your Taylor so you have to work with it to get the right sound.

A pick with more flex helps a great deal on acoustic runs too.


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