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   I play fingerstyle Fahey/ Kottke without picks.  As I have been spending more time playing recently, there is a scalloping out of my middle and 3rd fingernails all the way down to bare flesh.  Looks like I need picks.  Did some research and acrylics won't do as I make furniture and beat the hands up pretty good. 


   I have tried fingerpicks in the past and absolutely failed the learning curve.  I Know I did not give them the required two weeks or whatever would probably be required, but they made it amlost imposible for me to play - I keep my fingers very close to the strings and just could not get used to the distance needed.  Tried Alaska Piks recently and they could work maybe with filing, etc. 


  I wanted to get some feedback on the ProPiks:


Specifically, which ones work best for fingerstyle:  the "Fingertone" or the "Sharpie", or the X'tra Bright Sharpie"?  


  Also, what do folks think of the metal-plastic ProPik  thumbpick?


   Many choices:  Nickel-silver vs. brass. 

                          Single wrap vs. split wrap.


  The picks are not cheap, so just wanted some advice before spending the money.  Really prefer just my own nails, but the nails are not holding up.


   I know this has all been hashed over before, but it seems there is always something new every time it comes up.














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I bought a set of the standard ones (the store I went to didn't even have the other models) and a standard Dunlop plastic thumb-pick.
After fooling with them for a while, I went back to using my fingers... That being said, I don't play professionally and spend much of my time flatpicking. As a result, I don't experience any nail wear.

I have used picks on and off for many years. The ProPick line does seem to be good; I like the open finger-pad design and I like the more-adjustable four-piece design.
Couple of hints... Don't be tempted to get a too-small thumbpick. The thing will get caught on the strings all the time. (I admit I like the design of the pro-pick thumbpicks, but I haven't tried one.
Second, when you get the picks bent to your liking, they will be finger-specific. Find some way to mark them so you'll know which is which.
Make sure to bend them so that the angle of the pick proper is at theright angleto the string when you play, so that it contacts the string squarely.

Also... Kottke gave up on picks years ago when he began to get tendinitis.....
Thanks Mark. Appreciate the good advice.

The Fingertone type of Pro Piks should not require any bending due to their design. In theory at least, I like the idea that there is not much projecting from the finger, so this should be close to just using my fingers alone, which I am used to.

Still looking for feedback from anyone who has used these picks, and which ones to get: brass vs. nickel, and which of the 2 wrap designs if it makes much difference.

Really like to use my fingers - it's what I'm used to and I hate to undertake another learning curve. But the nails really get down to nothing on the left side. I think even that can work (to just use the skin of the finger) - I'm getting pretty good callouses. The tone may suffer though with the flesh vs. the nail. At my level it probably does not make much difference (which is why I'll never worry about tendinitis - I play at about 1/4 Kottke speed! :)



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