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As promised, here are some photos of the back of my new S6.  Hopefully you can see that the left side is noticeably "redder" than the right side. The patterning and striations are nice and seem matched, but the color surely does not.  Is this normal? Or did something go wrong in the manufacturing process? I have sent an email and the photos to Godin to see what they say.  I know it's only a $400 guitar but I would just like to get some feedback about it.  

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@ Gord ... The Martin (a DCPA-4  model) was in the used section of GC ... it was marked down about $150 below what it should have been, so they obviously knew something was up.  It has since sold, so somebody was willing to live with it, I suppose.  I agree, that I'm sort of surprised it got out of Nazereth.  By comparison, my DCPA-4 Spruce Top looks like a slice of yummy pound cake.  I know that the ugly one probably plays just as well or maybe even better than mine, but .... it just looks so, well, ugly!

Thanks Jud.  I see your S6 is bookmatched - mirror images.  Does not look like mine, for sure.  Will have to probably wait until Monday to hear back from anyone.  

Just for the record . . . definitely does NOT look like crap....:)

UPDATE:  I heard back from Godin last night at 7:30pm. :)  He said it was "somewhat rare" to see the back like that. He asked for my serial number.  In the meantime, I had an email with a return shipping label waiting for me from my dealer this morning. Pretty fast response. :)  So off it goes today.  I asked for them to throw in some freebie stuff for my trouble so we'll see. I also asked them to make sure they eyeball the replacement guitar before stuffing in the box so we don't have to go through this again.  In the meantime, I am without an S6 probably for a couple of weeks.  :( 

Thanks guys for all your help! 

We aim to please!  :-)

BTW:  Which is your fav ... your D-28 or the D-18V ??? I kinda liked the D-18V myself ... like the Adirondack spruce top.  Going to be curious to hear how much competition your S-6 Gull gives those two when competing for your attention.

Hey Jud,

Thanks! :)  Oh boy . . . I love both the Martin dreads.  The D18V is incredible and it kills at jams.  Martin just discontinued this model so it's even more precious to me.  The D28 is a little quieter, more focused tone, like you would expect from a straight braced Martin.  I got my vintage Ace strap on it, the same gold pattern one that Joni Mitchell is often seen wearing w/ her D28.

UPDATE!!!! I just took receipt of my replacement Seagull S6.  It was a long wait but worth it!! Here's the back - The color is actually a tad redder than the photo shows.  I took a photo of the front with my new Seagull leather strap - nice - and my new Seagull hat to go with it.  

I tell you this thing rocks and my Martin dreads are lookin' a little scared of getting sold off!!


That looks better - very pretty guitar, I love the S6's simplicity - and  your S6 is just gonna sound better and better as it gets played in and ages.

Keep an eye on the Martins, tho - if you hear them mumbling about "...string change" and "...setup", they may be having self-esteem and jealousy issues, and will need a little extra

Love that strap...

Damn BG! That guitar looks awesome and I'm glad they threw in some swag for your troubles. Enjoy your new s6 in Peace, Harmony, and lots and lots of Blues!

Carlos, I WISH they had thrown in the swag but those were purchased from Godin to soothe myself during the absence of my S6!! 

We'll see what I get from the dealer - I just asked for strings, picks, etc.  

Ohhhhhh! So you and I are cut from the same cloth... I am a swag monster. Whenever I get into a hobby I HAVE to have all the little accoutrements that come with it.... Golf, motorcycles, guitars etc. Its an expensive personality disorder. Good luck!

LOL!  Yes I am a swagaholic.  Just got my Martin military issue cargo coat.  Don't know when I'll need it anytime soon here in So Cal but hey...I also got some Seagull picks.  Gee what will I do with my Taylor t-shirt and hats now that I sold my GS mini? Oh well! 


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