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Questions about re-subscribing to AG mag, AG "university", etc

I was a subscriber to the magazine for many years.  Then I let it lapse recently, as I felt it wasn't worth the $40 for renewal.  I am an intermediate hobbyist with a broad range of guitars (Martin, Taylor, Seagull, Yamaha, Voyage Air, Clarksdale) but veer toward simple, understated appointments.  I don't do gigs, and I don't do bling or drool over custom this and that.  I started to feel that the magazine was not speaking to me.

I wonder what others think, whether you are getting the most out of the magazine.  I also would like to know whether you participate on the main AG website (I used to but didn't see much of a community there) or whether you have taken advantage of the online "university" courses.  



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Well if the magazine doesn't do it for you I think you are right to not bother renewing at this point. However it does offer you some interesting methods of playing and I am wondering if you have ever utilized their on line courses or even tried some of the things ( scores ) offered in the magazine as a way of helping you either improve your playing or learning new things.

There have been issues that have not really helped me or any of my students in learning something new but that happens with all publications at times.

After45+earsw of playing now I just do not have the time to start a course of steady learning but if you are looking at improving your playing well I think its a great idea.

It really depends on you Diana and what more you want from your music if you have reached that point that you are happy with it then thats great, but me even after all of these years of playing I am always looking to learn even more and to try and incorperate new playing into my song selection ( never to old to learn a new trick or two ). Good luck Diana I hope yu find some way of resparking your music and finding new things that you have never tried before.ship

Hi Diana. The AG Mag, simply put, scratches an itch for me. I am not a particularly good player but I enthusiastically try. Like you I am not personally into bling but I like reading about it. I don't read music very well so the music lessons are something I skip by but I also subscribe to Sports Illustrated and I don't like the NBA which I skip by. For me there is enough content and advertising to keep me reading.

As for the AG main site I have to admit I seldom look at it. In fact I am broadening my horizons here. I head mostly to the Seagull site, and I have never looked at the "University Courses" If I get stuck I use You Tube.

Thanks for posting your questions I will keep looking.

Hi Deana, I'm only in my second year of subscribing and I enjoy the information on different methods of playing and reading about new technology relating to the guitar. I did subscribe to the online portion of it the first year but found I almost never used it so I did drop that this year. I think that was intended to be more of an online extension of the magazine with videos and some other info and not so much a community. The community is here on this site.


I have been a subscriber for a good few years now.  Sometimes I'm done with an issue in 15 minutes, sometimes I can read one over and over.  I find that it more consistently draws me in than other magazines such as Vintage Guitar and Fretboard Magazine, which don't have the same mix of interviews, workshop type stuff, etc.  I recently thought of canceling my subscription.  But I decided against it after finding a recent issue that I had initially breezed through.  I have been re-reading parts of it for the last few days...    

You might try the UK magazine called Acoustic Magazine.  It has a similar setup as Acoustic Guitar, but with a UK/EU bent.  See  I have got a few issues over the years, and find it interesting.  

I have been playing non-professionally for quite a while.  I have started about 5 or so forum discussions when I had questions about guitar specs.  I am not into showy guitars, but at this point I have questions about widening string spacing, nylon guitar pickups, etc, and have found forum members' experiences and perspectives helpful.  I have answered a number of forum posts as well.



I'll post here because this seems the most appropriate place. I let my subscription lapse too - in the last year. It was one of those things. I wasn't reading the magazine as deeply and often times an edition didn't get touched at all. It's the nature of the beast. There's always repetition in these things and I suppose I'd run through a cycle of some sort. I had expected to renew at some future date, but then I got a phone call today from someone representing Acoustic Guitar offering a discounted renewal rate. 

I am on the 'Do not call' list. This counted for nothing with the salesperson. "You used to be a subscriber" she observed when told she shouldn't call my number. Apparently she thought my prior subscription gave her some loophole in the DNC provision to call me (and on a Sunday to boot). Not good. All that call did was to remind me that my subscription had lapsed to a magazine that was never the center of my universe. It also persuaded me that I won't ever renew a subscription to a publication that abuses the knowledge of my telephone number.

Goodbye AG and good luck. 


Hi Diana  I've subscribed to the mag. for quite a few years now and was one of the first 500 in the community. I come and go in the community as I have time to. You will learn more from the community I think if the mag. doesn'tdo it for you and I will say at times I feel that the mag. goes off a little one sided. I've played for over 30 years , played in bands at times and gig out solo with a guitar amp/ pa and looper now, and I still find new things in the mag. at times . I'm not interested in the pages of custom builders and all the bling they offer, but that said their ads pay for the mag. Some times the music thats offered isnt the genre I like but I'm sure when they put some of the stuff i like in there others are put off. I've subscribed to a lot of guitar mags and I have to stay with acoustic guitar it does the most for me. 


I believe AG magazine fulfills different needs for different folks. For me, I've been a subscriber for the past 7 years. I enjoy learning about new stuff, techniques, what type of guitars others are playing, etc. I usually pick up 1-2 new ideas from each issue.


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