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Anybody know of any good, free downloadable recording software for use with a USB mic?

I'm looking for something that will allow me to record a few tracks on top of each other so I can mix them and play all the different parts myself...melody, harmony, etc., but I don't want to spend any money if I can swing it.

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I don't do this kind of thing myself. I don't think there is a way to do this in Audacity itself. I think you need to get a VST drum plugin. Check these out:
So, do these VST's work with Audacity, or do they need their own plugin?

I've downloaded a few of the instrument VST's, but they're a bit of a mystery.

I'm not sure what you are using for the drum sounds. Are you using a MIDI drum or an audio file for the drums?

I don't know the inner workings of Audacity, but there is such a thing as drum loops (audio files) that you would put in a track. Depending on the software, you can then grab the right hand side of the loop and drag it across the track. This in effect is doing the repeat you are asking about.

If you are using MIDI, the easiest way would be to copy the measures of what you want to repeat and paste the copied measure(s) the number of times you want it to repeat. The MIDI is a little more flexible because you can then modify sections of the MIDI to do fills, crashes, etc.

I"m using MIDI's right now...I think I'll look into the VST plugins and see if I can find a real flexible tool.

I mean, for example, I can play "Come Together" by the Beatles on the guitar, but I'd love to add the drums and a bass line (I"d REALLY like to get an acoustic bass if anybody is selling one cheap) so I can make my own interpretation of the song.
Answered my own question:
Instructions for adding VST effect plug-ins to the list:

1.Please do not add VST instrument plug-ins to the list, because Audacity won't work with any of those.
2.List effect plug-ins that do not work properly in Audacity, giving a short note of the problem, such as "Audacity won't launch", "plug-in does not appear in Effect Menu", "not all controls available", "audio not processed".
3.Please give a download link to the plug-in if possible, enclosing the link inside single square brackets - for example:
4.Please also give your operating system such as Windows XP or Mac OS X, the date of your report, and the version of the VST Enabler (or Audacity) used.
5.Feel free to use Audacity 1.3.8+ to retest any plug-ins that did not work with VST Enabler, and move them up into "working" list above if they now work.
Audacity will work with VSTs but you have to download a VST Enabler. Audacity's site provides a download link to this and is below

As you have already noted: VST instruments (VSTi) are not supported by Audacity.

There is a note if you are using Beta 1.3 versions: Current Beta (1.3) versions of Audacity will display VST plug-ins automatically, without having to install the VST Enabler.

Blake is correct in stating that the VST Enabler is not needed with the beta version of Audacity. One quirky thing, however, is that you have to go to the edit menu, click on preferences and then choose VST effects in the window that pops up and then hit the check mark for Audacity to rescan for VST plugins the next time Audacity is started. Then close Audacity and reopen it and you will see your newly installed VST plugin in the effects menu. If you don't do the preceding you won't see your effect listed.

I've tried all of that, enabling the rescan, etc...but running the beta, I still cannot see my vst instruments.

Ergo, I need to find another multi-channel mixer that supports them, or else just stop worrying about vstinstruments.

This stinks.
Audacity right from the get go states VST instruments are not supported.

I thought it was this post but I'm not seeing it. Someone in another post mentioned another free recording software product. Found it: Recording Software

It's Kristal Audio Engine. Oh, isn't this interesting. KristalLabs created Studio One in cooperation with PreSonus. Studio One is the newest DAW product to be released - but I digress.

This Kristal FAQ does states it supports VSTi instruments. It also states there might be incompatibilities with some VST(i) Plug-Ins. Look like some trial and error is in order.

Might be better off buying something. You're not being very creative playing around with getting software to work. Some DAW software costs as little as $99 for entry level and many come with VST's and VSTi's right from the get go.



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