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My Sigma classical has some light scratching on the top - mostly very light pick marks, and one nastier surface scratch resulting from the end of an A string scraping the finish while being poked thru the bridge when changing strings. I would really like to remedy these - can anyone suggest a safe and effective product?

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When you say scratch of course your saying an amount of finish has been removed from the surface.The only way to fill that loss of finish would be to have the surface coated with a new layer of finish filling the scratch.The only other option of course would be to lower the surface area around the scratch to the same depth of the loss of material.There are no magic bullets to fix deep scratches.Surface scuffs and very lite scratch's can be rubbed out with polishing compounds several grades are available in auto finishing stores and wood working supply shops.You should let your shop keeper see the problem your trying to fix and let him make a recommendation.If the scratch is deep fine sanding pads can be used to lower the surface level to make the scratch blend in.Caution must be used to not cut through the thickness of the finish and not to cup the area around the scratch so as to create a hollow area in the finish which will show in reflections across the surface.Then you would have to polish the surface to a gloss.Sometimes repairs are much harder than the original finish job.There is always the solace that your not the only one who ever did that and there's that concept of battle marks and charming use marks.Enjoy your guitar.

Hey, Robert,


Many thanks for the reply. The major mark on the Sigma is really not that bad - it's a surface scrape, and hasn't come close to breaking thru the finish - a mild buffing may hide it well enough to ease my conscience...LOL. I certainly won't be taking anything like fine sandpaper to it - be a plain case of using a 12 gauge to get rid of an  ant...


My cedar-topped Seagull, which came to me just a few days ago after what looks like10 very active years elsewhere, has enough battle marks and charming use marks for a roomful of guitars. So I'd like to keep the Sigma unscarred as long as possible.      :->>

Your right sanding is a last option not recommended.I use a 320 grit foam backed sanding pad on the new finishes I apply to my guitars to smooth and level them.I then use a car wax called Meguiars Mirror Glaze #6. It's a polish that has just enough grit to take out those fine scratches and give a glass like look.They make grades up to 30's but you need to get the #6. Try it on an area around your bottom strap knob and you may like the results.

FYI, and for what it's worth:

I finally opted to order the Guitar Scratch Remover that's advertised - I'm NOT a big fan of internet wonders and cures, but having scratched the Sigma was bugging me more than my skepticism. Tried it tonight - so far, I'd give it a 7.5 out of 10. Did about a half dozen short rubbings - the results can be seen on this Picasa web album. I'll do a couple more treatments and see how it goes, then report back...took about 20 pix to get the last two, which show what's left of the scratch...


Looks pretty good.  I know you're feeling a lot better.

That's a fact...:->))

If I am seeing right you totally or almost totally removed that scratch and it looked deep.I am very impressed indeed.If you are able to clear up a scratch like that the rest of your guitar must look brand new if not better.Well done.

Merci, Robert, but nope, not totally - yet! You can still see it at certain angles of light - but it looks more like the sort of groove you could leave in a soft cedar top with a light thumbnail than a scratch. Haven't really touched the rest of the body yet - there's really very little, just some very light pickmarks that should just vanish. Otherwise the finish (and the guitar overall) is in beautiful condition - that's why that scratch, after all these years, looked SOOO  bad...

The above loink doesn't work anymore. Please use this link instead:

I have taken scratches and belt buckle marks out with a product made to polish and restore ceramic tops on 

electric ranges.  I believe its called ceramalite.  I went very gently with a soft cotton cloth and it worked great.

Make sure you try it first in a small obscure place first.  I hope it works, worked for me.


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