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I may be a bit behind the times living here in NZ, but was browsing in a music shop the other day and saw a couple of CD's by this guy, Seasick Steve.


His CD's were in the Blues section so I made a mental note of his name to check out on You Tube.


Well I found him okay, ....all 3 strings on his guitar ...... and a genuine homemade wooden stompbox.


I was totally blown away at first.....mainly because I did'nt think that guys like this would get exposure much these days. But he is the real McCoy alright!


To say that he totally removes the word "precious" from singing and playing is an understatement.


Would love to hear how many of you guys have taken the time to listen to or watch him, and what you think?


If you haven't then I highly reccomend the experience.



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Hi Nicholas, I've seen him live in Perth, Western Australia with a drummer, equally raw. He's genuine, no pretensions and he can really play that simple stuff well. Like some other roots/blues performers (eg John Butler from Fremantle, WA) he cut his teeth busking on the street. He is very gracious and thankful for his recent success which is in contrast to most of his life to date, which has been pretty tough.




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