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Okay, so here is the problem.

I saw on the side bar thing in the advertisements that there was a prize giveaway and excitingly I clicked on it and at the bottom I typed in the M and then autocomplete put in all my details and I hit the enter key. Turns out I subscribed to 6 months worth of subscribed magazines. Oops.

What can I do?

Do I tell my parents that I screwed up?

Is there someone I can get in contact with who can help me resolve this error?

I didn't want to subscribe and knowing people these days, the guys who run the subscription will say that I signed up for it and that is final and now I have to pay for these magazines.

What can I do?

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Do not give any BANK details, you are aloud to change your mind.
The only information I put in was what Auto-fill puts in which was my home address, phone number, and email address.
Michael - If they send you an invoice send it back with a note saying you've changed your mind. If they keep sending you invoices throw them in the garbage. If they call you - tell them to go- #$@%^ themselves.
You are not obligated to buy anything.
Okay. Well I have sent them an email explaining the situation and I apologised for the inconvenience I had caused by this and I am yet to hear a reply.


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