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Shark Tank last night - anyone see auto chord forming device?

On Shark Tank last night, there was a guy from Alabama who developed a device which will fret a limited number of chords on a normal acoustic guitar by pressing one of several buttons. While I initially thought it to be a terrible, anti-real-guitar-playing idea, I then thought of people with injuries, arthritis, etc. who would find joy in such a thing. While I will not teach my daughter to play this way (it is advertised as "play guitar instantly!), I can see the benefit for some. If I can find a link, I'll add it later.

It's called "Chord Buddy" -


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Oh, BTW, 4 Sharks were interested - guy ended up with $125,000 plus $50,000 in escrow for an infomercial...

I kind of thought the same thing at first, but then thought about them damn PaperJam things and how kids buy the crap out of them, so why not make it work on a real guitar.  At least you can actually play something with what he had versus make noise on the PaperJam.

After 224 views, I'm glad someone finally shared their thoughts! :-)
It gives you G, C, D, and Em. Somewhat useful. If they made a left-handed one, I'd buy one for my lefty friend with the hand issues and an S6 Left...
And it appears you can remove parts of it over time and participate in chord formation by yourself. Good for the young to develop interest, I suppose...
Probably wouldn't fit on the Seagull 1.8" nut...

Like a limited autoharp.

I hadn't thought of that, but yeah!


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