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just thought I'd start a thread so that everyone can post pics of your guitars here
My Alvarez MD-90(no longer mine)
and my Aria AD-28CN

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I like 'em both - and the tele!
Here is my Dano

Here is my Martin

Left to Right: Martin, Gibson, Greven, Goodall

Some of my kids
another one
well these are just some the rest I can't show because of insurance limitations.Ship
Could I suggest that you use www.photobucket to uplink your pics that way you get them sized better, its really hard to see what the other guitars are.

And then I thought I should include a really ugly pic of me, that way you know who you are yakking at.
Ship of Fools
My Martin and My Goodall -- looking for a picture of the Larrivee and Tippin... stay tuned.
I was using photobucket when i first posted this thread, but the community was doing some sort of update at the time and it wouldn't work for me. so I posted them this way. I use photobucket to post on the other forum I belong to (tdpri)
Here's my war room:

Is that a Warwick Bass hanging on the wall, nice collection of acoustics, can you let us know what they are.Ship

From Left to Right: 2007 Special Edition Fender Corona Dred (A funny gift from a friend), The Les Dragon I built in 2006, A Rosewood Jumbo I built in 2005, and a Yamaha first guitar, a surprise gift from my wife in 2004. She had no idea what she started. Front and center: A modified Cajon I just finished building. Allows me to play percussion with other players, or use the kick pedal in the kick plates I built on either side. In the process of building 4 more, with a more simple design. Lotsa fun.
Hey, I like the Cajon! Do you have the design specifications for it or know any links to good websites related to Cajon building?
A Heritage Sweet 16, DeCava Stratford, Breedlove Focus SE


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