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just thought I'd start a thread so that everyone can post pics of your guitars here
My Alvarez MD-90(no longer mine)
and my Aria AD-28CN

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Jim's guitar gallery: Alvarez/Yari DYM95V....Martin SWOMGT....1962 Martin D28
These are my Larrivees, a Taka and a Walden
Here are Some of my Stringed Ladies,...
How do you like this Flamenco Guitar? Is it snappy,quick and loud? That is what I am looking for. How much did you pay for it? I have a Yamaha Flamenco CG171-SF. I had a bone nut and saddle put on and I use Hannabach Flamenco #827M strings and it sounds pretty good. These string are super great. I went to get a good made is Spain Flamenco Guitar.

Thanks for your time Slick
Have a great day
The Cordoba 75F is snappy and responsive, pretty loud. I think I payed 800.
Greetings Ed...we pickers are really proud of our instruments, might as share a few of mine.
2004 Alvarez/Yari DYM95V slope shouldered Dread, 12 fret, Slot head in Rosewood and Spruce
1962 Martin D28 Brizillian Rosewood, Sitka Spruce, custom abalone inlays
2009 Bluleberry Fiero Parlor guitar, Cletic Dragon Motif, hand carved top/side/back/headstock. Balinese Rosewood B&S,Spruce top.
Here is my latest...built it myself! Edward

you like guita,i like also ,but if you want to be a talet ,it is hard ,right?You know in this world i am a normal person,just like my shoe,it is not a brand shoe,so i want to be a good perosn ,it hard.
it's been quite a while since I've been on here. work and family life has been crazy this past year. I read through this whole thread today and you guys have some really nice instruments out there, I'm really glad I started this thread.
Here are my two most precious objects, both gibsons.. hummingbird custom koa & ES-175 :)


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