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Hi all--nother question:
im thinking about a soundhole pickup for my guild gad 12 string. i dont want to mount anything
permant in the event i let it go (strongly considering letting both guilds go) & would like to use
it sometimes at gigs.
looking for something not so 'sparkling' i think is the term i see used in the advertising, but something
more mid-range-ey...does this make sense? guess i remember when soundhole pickups were very treble-y.
i do use a small e q (dan electro fish & chips--very cool)
any ideas? Thank you

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I personally use the cheap Seymour Duncan Maverick Soundhole Pickups. The work great to me. I have taken a few of them and cut the chord, soldered them to a end jack, and permanently fixed them in my guitars, and as I said they work great, especially if playing through a DI box, or into an electric amp. I run mine into two stereo'd Classic Vox AC30's. Work great with pedals also. I know they are cheap, but they work just as well as the Tahoe's, and others.
I'm in a similar situation. But I'm wondering if pickups are the way to go, or would a mike work better? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each method of amplification?

My other acoustics have all come with a built-in pickup. I haven't found an amp that reproduces what I hear when I play unplugged.
Hi John: i know to my ears that will never happen--at least in my budget ;-)
the 3 guitars i use outside most often all have permant mounted pick ups, but
have 2 that dont. honestly, i think a good quality microphone is the way to go
for the most honest sound, but where i play the house system is a very small
p a, an acoustic amp, & 1 mike. im just looking to keep it simple i guess.


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