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Hello All,

Thought I'd toss a question out to the group. Does anyone have any experience with connecting a passive soundboard transducer (SBT) such as the LR Baggs iBeam, K&K Pure Western, Schatten HFN etc. to a built-in preamp. I have a guitar that came with a Fishman preamp and an undersaddle pickup. I really like the convenience of the built in preamp with the tuner and easy EQ controls but am not too thrilled with the sound of the pickup, too artificial and too prone to the dreaded piezo quack.

I've heard many demos of SBTs and they all sound much more natural than my stock pickup and I was wondering about simply installing a passive version in my guitar and pulling out the undersaddle pickup and replacing the saddle to compensate. Is this possible? Any insights would be greatly appreciated.



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This was on the K&K Sound Facebook page 5/17

"On Tuesday we installed a Pure Mini in a Breedlove Retro OM/SM that was originally equipped with a LR Baggs element system with the Stage Pro onboard preamp. Our customer John wanted to use the Pure Mini pickup but keep his onboard preamp with it. We were first skeptical if this was a good match but we thought it is worth a try. It has a simple 2.5mm mini plug connection on the preamp. 

We were excited to find that it works great! Even with the EQ controls on the Baggs preamp all set flat and the PA channel EQ flat as well the sound was great and John was very happy. He said he finds this a big improvement! He was delighted how easy the switch was made and that the onboard tuner works as well with the Pure Mini as it did with the element pickup."

Thanks Tom! Good to know that it's doable in theory.



Well, there you go - sounds doable...
There's a discussion in the Walden group with some impressions of both Schatten and K&K SBT's...

Thank you too FloridaGull. I'm gonna go hunt up that discussion. I'm especially interested in the Schatten HFN as they're made right here in Canada just a short drive from where I live.



You're welcome :-)

Here's the link to the Walden group -

It's under the group comments - don't think there is a discussion...

I lied - there is a discussion, too - as well as commentary in the comments section...

Liar! :)

Thanks again FloridaGull. I also reached out to Schatten via their Facebook page and got a response in minutes. They see no reason why it wouldn't work, think I'm going to go ahead and try this...

Will keep you posted!



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