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Hi all. I have an Emerald X-5 carbon fibre guitar which is fitted with a B-Band AT3 pickup system. Since  severe back problems which have worsened as a result of a recent car crash (not my fault), I now need to substitute at least for the time being the Emerald for my electric guitar.I will be playing mostly modern jazz with a warm semi-acoustic tone, plus a slightly overdriven bluesy tone. The B-Band is already capable of producing a very passable jazz guitar tone, but it doesn't work with overdrive, nor would I expect it to. So what I would like to know is which brand and model in particular of sound-hole acoustic pickups might work well in this context?

As a side note, I am also experimenting with a GK pickup and a Roland VG-99 virtual guitar system that I use extensively for my electric setup, and once I changed to electric strings it seems to work really well and is very responsive. This is what got me thinking in terms of using the guitar as both an acoustic and electric guitar - the fact that I don't have access to easily lower the action is a considerable limitation, although being fc, the instrument is very stable and the neck stays very true.

I realize that feedback is likely to be an issue at volume, but I still want to experiment with this, as it will also serve as a try out for another project I have in mind. The key though is the fact that this instrument is so light compared with other acoustics and particularly electric guitars.

Thanks in advance for your replies.

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David, I don´t know how to help you, sincerily. I have an acoustic F370 Yamaha guitar and I´d like to buy a pickup for it. But I don´t know which one is better. Can u help me with this?

Tks in advance.


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