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I have begun to do some of my own arranging--fingerstyle arrangements of a wide variety of tunes. I am aware of some basic music theory with chord progressions, etc., but most of my tunes have been things I have done just working off piano sheet music. In the local stores there are not really any books specific to arranging for guitar. So before I either blindly invest in mail-order books, or endure a 1000 hit internet search, I thought I would ask if any of you have any favorite resources that have helped you learn to arrange tunes.


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I did a little research on Amazon and found a few books that have good reviews and I am considering getting for myself. Arranging from piano music is a good start but there are definitely things to be considered that can make things much easier in a final guitar arrangement. For example, alternate tunings, transposing to a different key or using a capo can make all the difference in the playability of an arrangement.

I would recommend getting the Edgar Cruz Arranging for Solo Guitar: The Queen Titles DVD and printable PDF of all the songs on the DVD. Edgar do a great job of demonstrating many of the techniques he uses to get the songs sound as great as the originals. And his playing is top notch.

As for the books I found on Amazon:

Howard Morgen's Solo Guitar: Insights, Arranging Techniques & C...
Howard Morgen / Concepts: Arranging for Fingerstyle Guitar
Beginning Fingerstyle Arranging & Technique for Guitar

Good luck!
John G.
Thanks for the info. I am a big fan of Edgar Cruz but was not aware of the DVD.



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