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I am a solo act with occasional musicians (various instruments) joining me. I perform 5-10 times a month all over East Texas and would love input from you folks about: What do you find is improving or has improved your overall performance, setting and stage persona. I need articles, things to listen to MP3's (preferably Free downloadable), advice, pointers, clues, hints, props, counsel, and prayers. :)

I am teachable have been performing for 21 years in sereval bands, nevertheless, my love for people and performing moves me to improve constantly by self examination ["fools and frontstages"-Aerosmith] and listening to recordings of live performances etc. I would also love helps in focusing on guitar playing, seeing as that I am a singer without a guitarist who makes due with my rhythm guitar.

I perform ballads of all sorts, invarious places (coffe shops, restaurants, churches, conventions, etc), I mostly when setting my own stage use several candles (unscented) , black painted stage props and a really nice floor rug with a sound technician who aides time to time by running and tweaking my board for me.

I perform for 2-6 hours with rare to no breaks (maybe occasional 10-15 min.). I love playing and the people know it. Folks hire me for several private parties which are some of my favorite to perform. I perform in hospitals, ministry, clubs, bars, indoors outdoors etc.

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It sounds like you shouldn't be asking for advice but giving it! Regular gigs, varied venues, well planned stage set-up, a sound-man......whatever you are doing, it must all be the right thing. The only thing left is instrument and voice practice, which can never be overdone. One thing, though: take those breaks. Your voice needs a rest once in a while, and I know from experience that if you hurt it, it can take a very long tome to get it back.
Thanks for your response! I would like to know more about what you are doing out there Stew Brennand. I learn from others and though I work in a hospital (lots of employees for my small city), maybe advertisements and flyers ideas would be helpful too. I want to improve and take photos of the places I perform with and without my stage setting placed (before and after and sometimes a person volunteers to take pictures during).

I rarely have time to warm up how I would like to, but I love to perform vocals especially and to tell you the truth after about 4 hours; I am warmed up vocal wise. I have been singing since I was 5 (31 years) and if I break I am usually freaking out (I don't drink alcoholic bev-vies anymore or smoke) so socializing is very brief usually and it is to find out what songs and some misc. info from folks seated at the shows. But breaks are never good for me. It's like set lists. I and my sound tech read the people and usually have a set suggestion in my head and about 500 songs to choose from for the folk.


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