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hey folks hope everyone is doing well. i know i'm on here asking a lot of dumb here's another one.the pegs on my guitar are (i think) some kind of plastic or something, if i replace them with bone or ebony will that increase the tone of the guitar. i appreciate your patience and input

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Gregory, I replaced the plastic pins on mine with ebony, and I think they increased sustain a little bit. They sure look a lot nicer. Most folks seem to think that they will change the sound. Some like the change, some don't, and some can't tell the difference. Fortunately, it's a comparatively inexpensive experiment.

There are lots of variables that will affect sound from your instrument. Tonewoods, saddle material, string gauge, string material, sting break angle over the saddle, and on and on.

I wish I had a more definitive answer for you, and hopefully others will chime in with their experiences.

BTW, as is so often said, there are no dumb questions. Hopefully I haven't given you a dumb answer
As stated, changing bridge pins is a fairly inexpensive upgrade. I use ebony on my Martin. When I made the change I noticed only a minimal sound difference. The guitar already sounded great. It certainly didn't hurt the sound. There are other factors you may want to consider such as the saddle. If it is plastic, going to bone or tusq can certainly help. Of course then you will want to replace the nut if it too is plastic with the same material. I guess what I am saying is there are other things you might want to consider first depending on the type of guitar you are currently playing. If it is a quality guitar chances are these are already quality materials.
What Kent said.

And I don't have solid experience to chime in but for all those plastic nuts & saddles I'd replaced with bones, there's a noticeable improvement, but I'm not sure if ebony pegs will help but it's quite easy for the 2 flat side to get rounded and if that happens, you can't tune & you need to replace the peg. They may be good for looks. Maybe I'm wrong.

There's some threads in other forums that open & closed tuner do make an audible difference in the tone. Open tuner - less metal, Close tuner - more mass.

The other thing (thread) some folks said was, thick neck also play a part in the tone of the guitar. Thin neck is, well, thinner(?). The strings, top, bridge, saddle & pins is not the only things that disseminate the sound of the guitar, the nut & neck also transfer some sound back to the sound box. That's why there's this constant debate of Dovetail & M&T joint. Bear in mind that many pricey old Martins have chunky V neck.

Anyway, don't believe everything the internet says.
Ok, guys, we all know that everything, in the acoustic guitar can affect the tone, also the smallest thing if we theorize, but I think we're exaggerating here! This way we'll say that playing wearing boots vs slippers can make a difference!
I agree that every kind of mass affects the tone, but I'm sure no one can perceive the difference from plastic or metal or wood peg, in the sound. Many other small things can. Pins, saddle, nut, but most of all the touch of fingers or picks.
There have been a number of ads lately from those who sell the expensive little doo dads (Bridge saddles, nuts, and pins) making all kinds of claims concerning the improvements they can make. I think the most expensive were the Titanium pins.

I have to sounded pretty good before the arrival of these doo they really sound any better after installing $75.00 Titanium pins. Maybe installing $75.00 Titanium pins in my $99.00 fender Acoustic will make it sound like a Vintage Martin? I doubt it. In fact I doubt it very much. But if spending $75.00 for bridge pins appeals to you...its a free country.

I think I will market a new "space age" guitar wax that improves the sonic qualities of the guitar. Perhaps I will name it "Emperor" Guitar Wax. Only $29.95 for a 2 oz container. Any takers?....Its cheaper than Titanium Pins!
Just got my Martin CustomX series( all HPL, 449.00) , back from having new bone nut installed. Bridge is Tusq. Sounds wonderful, a noticeable improvement. Had previously put ebony bridge pins and feel it too made a sleight improvement. Was advised both by luthiers and Martin, NOT to have bone on both nut and saddle, it messes up the great tone these guuitars have. Bridge pins might be more psych, but am glad i spent a few bucks to do it. Don't feel it's very beneficial to go the 75.00 route for Titanium.


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