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I recently just purchased a new martin. The Gpcpa4 and I love this thing. I am worried though about taking care of it. This is my first high end guitar. i got a humidifier for it but im not really sure how to clean it. I'm worried if using anything other than the martin cleaning supplies would void my warrenty. Also with cleaning the fretboard I am not sure how to clean it. It's not made of ebony but actually black Richlite which is a synthetic ivory. Does lemon oil work with the material?

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Archie, I'd use a very slightly damp soft cotton cloth from an old t-shirt ( or well-laundered diaper.  Don't laugh)  Wipe it down gently after every use,  wash your hands before playing to help preserve your strings, 

Some folks use very light applications of mineral oil on ebony or rosewood fingerboards and bridges, but in my opinion, they don't need any treatment. 

Keep it clean, and then play the finish off of it

It is hard not to agree with Kent's comments. Since it is a new guitar, you should not have to treat the fretboard for several months--general statement. Also simply wiping down your new ax with a 100% clean cotton cloth after every use will suffice to keeping your Martin in tip-top shape. Also make sure to case it when not playing--this will help control humidity issues for consistency of luck. One more point...try keeping your humidity level between 40 and 45%. Most guitar manufacturers recommend those percentages. 


I've had my Martin DCPA-4 since last August and I've found it to be a very reialble an thoroughly enjoyable guitar in all aspects.  The Richlite material of the bridge and the fingerboard doesn't require a whole lot of maintenance at all given that Richlite is not affected by heat or humidty and it is also impervious to absorption of any sort of liquid.  Just a little wipe with slightly soapy water when you change the strings will suffice.  I've found the Sapele back and sides to be pretty duable and "ding resistant" so far.  If there is an area for concern, it's the Sika spruce top, but the high gloss finish protects it about as well as can be expected.  I've collected several small "dimples" and one slight "ding" in spite of my caution.  But, honestly, if I spent all my time worrying about those little (inevitable?) cosmetic afflictions, I'd never have time to enjoy playng it!

nice! i was thinking about getting the DCPA-4 because of its better bottom end sound. Have you tried the other models? How do you think they compare?

For me it  was a choice between the DCPA-4 and the GCPA-4 ... I pondered the decision for 2-3 weeks.   I "A/B-ed" the two guitars over and over again, first with me playing and then guy at the shop playing and both sounded great! But acoustically I felt the DCPA-4 had more bottom end and more of that traditional "Martin" sound, and that was what sold me.  The both sounded equally great when plugged in!  I haven't tried the little OMCPA-4, but Martin rep Craig Thatcher was playing the OMCPA-1 at the clinc I attended a week ago and of course, in his talented hands it sounded wonderful.,  Still, he was playing plugged in through the ultra expensive Aura electronics and a great PA system, so it's hard to make a straight comparison.


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