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Greetings!  Been thinking about getting something like this. Anyone have any experience with one?  Pros, cons?  Thanks in advance. 

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Hello Charlie.

I own one and I'm happy with it.

You maybe didn't read all the reviews posted on musiciansfriend :

Good unit, you can do a lot of things with it.

The built-in mics are good enough to keep some ideas but you will never get a pro mix.

No phantom power so I bought a cheap preamp that allows me to use all my external mics.Works fine.

You can improve a lot the final mix on the PC.A lot of DAWs , mixcraft for example, are really easy to use.

Only one nit  : my AC adapter is very noisy and totally ruines all my recordings.

So I use the toy with (rechargable)  batteries.

Let me know if you want me to post one or two demos recorded a few weeks ago.

Thanks for the info Deb!  I really appreciate it.


I was thinking of getting a Tascam DP-004 firts when looking for a portable home recorder. But finally I turned to the DP-008. I had to add about €100 to my budget, but that was worth it regarding all the supplementary features : 2 XLR imputs (with phantom power), RCA outputs, 8 tracks, EQ, etc... The DP-004 is good though, but it contents only the minimum to my mind. The DP-008 is more intersting in that range of gear and budget. I also recommand to buy Tascam AC adapter. With the DP-008 you can do all with it from recording to final mastering. I quite rarely use my PC except for mp3 encoding.


Thank you so much for your info, very helpful.  After a bit more research, I think I prefer the dp-008.  Happy recording.

I second Pascal's comment , the 008 is another world .
Its reverb is the best of the best....yes I've tried all the reverbs of the universe!!!

Charlie, if ever you think that you could need some drums don't forget to check the Zoom R8 ,a great product.


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