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Hello, my name is Ted and I just joined The Acoustic Guitar Community.  I am 29 years old and I started playing guitar again after a seven year hiatus.  For what reason a lot of college, work, and moving around issues became a priority and I put down the guitar.  Well anyway I went to see a Dave Matthews Band concert and I got the itch again.  I first bought a Martin OM-1E.  I liked it but it did have a rich tone or volume.  I walked into the music store again and this Taylor 414 grabbed my attention.  Wow, easy to play, works with any amp, the cutaway makes it feel almost like a Fender Strat.  I played it next to a Taylor 614 CE and to me the only difference between the two was that the 600 had some more fancy artwork to it.  In all I am extremely happy with my Taylor 414 CE, when I made my decision the owner of the store said I made the right choice and did not get all caught up with having a little more glam with my Taylor but more concerned with getting some more value.  These Taylors and Martins are not cheap.  I spent almost $1,900 for my Taylor 414 CE, and I think it was work every penny.  I would like to hear the opinions of others with their model of Taylor.  More importantly owners of the 414 CE.

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I'm 61 and have been at thei git thing almost 2 years.  I've played a few Taylors in shops and LOVE the playability.  My goal is to get good enough to DESERVE a Taylor.  You have just given me a HUGE case of ENVY and GAS (Guitar Acquisition Syndrom).  My wife is not going to like you.  Keep It Fun, Dean

Hi Ted...I just recently got the itch again after 6 or 7 months of not picking up my guitar...I'm with you, man...Sounds like a really nice Taylor that you purchased...I have a Taylor Big Baby, which is a 3/4 size acoustic with absolutely HUGE sound and bottom end for a smaller bottomed guitar. My wife bought me the guitar as a gift back in 2008, after she accompanied to a music store, and i had a hard time putting it down. I absolutely love that Taylor. A really cool thing happed with it over the period of a year or so...FRom keeping it in the case, the top color changed really nicely from a standard natural color to a reddish, almost mahogany tint, the low end seems to get "boomier" with age....Seriously, you won't be dissapointed with yours..enjoy it, grow old with it...and play, play, PLAY....

Awesome, play, play, and play.  I am at a point where if I am purchasing anything for big money I have to be totally moved by it in some way.  With the Taylor it was the fact I was able to purchase a guitar that is very close in features to the instrument of Dave Matthews.  If it were not for one August evening when I was 15 I would have never even thought of playing a guitar.  With an investment like this I felt that this model was for me.  It is hard to explain, but every time I walked into a music store that had Taylor Guitars, the 414 ce was calling out to me.  This particular model on the wall in a sea of 600's, 700's, 800's, and even the top dog of the series.  The 914 ce.  I will have my 414 for a lifetime and if I have a son or daughter that may someday take interest in playing and becoming a skilled guitarist/musician they can inherit something that is a huge influence on my life.  Yes, everyone it may sound insane.  For some unexplainable reason all of that was projected from this guitar.

Well, I went for the "cheap" Taylor.  I bought a GS Mini.  a mere 500.00.   Nice little axe.    It's a small-bodied instrument with laminate sapele sides and back and a solid top.

The reviews on this are all glowing... I played this one at Guitar Center and was pretty much knocked out by the sound compared to the other 500 dollar-range guitars I tried.

Taylor seems to be doing a good job.

A few years ago, I placed a classified ad in the local paper asking if anyone was looking to sell their acoustic guitar. This is pre-Craigs list days. I received a call from a gentleman saying he had a Taylor 810 that was is very good condition he was looking to sell, he said he was hard up for cash. So long story short, I was able to purchase this nearly excellent condition 2003 Taylor 810 for $900---steal of a lifetime! What a beautiful guitar! I have never looked back and often still can't believe I own such a great sounding and playable guitar for only $900!! Long live Bob Taylor.



I have a 614 CE and a 410RCE and I love them both. I find Taylor's to be very playable guitars-nice neck and good action, though I have had that adjusted a  little bit. I also have a Martin D28 which I also love to Taylor's are brihter sounding I thinkthough I know some people don't like that about them. I am sure your 414CE is beautiful and sounds great. You made a good choice and I think you will get years of enjoyment from that guitar.

Hey Ted..Congrats on the Taylor!!


I've owned my 414ce for about 5 yrs. now and I'm still in love with it! I've got a few other various acoutics, but the 414 I use all the time, especially for recording. I've never tried another Taylor that was a 'step-up' (514,614,etc.), so I can't comment much on that. All I can say is play that Taylor 'till it becomes part of you!!

Good to hear you found your guitar! My 414rce has been my primary guitar on stage for almost 5 years now. It's not the most expensive one I own or necessarily the best all-around, but the combination of size, ease of play and consistency makes it my go to.


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