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Just picked one of these up a week ago Tuesday.

I'd been looking for an upgraded acoustic to replace my little Yamaha acoustic-electric. (nice to play, but less-than-stellar sound)

I needed a small-bodied guitar as my aging shoulders don't handle big ones very well.


After investigating Yamaha "folk" guitars and Epiphone "fingerstyle",  I picked one of these up at Guitar Center and was immediately impressed.  Great sound from such a small instrument.

After reading and viewing a bunch of "ga-ga" reviews, I pulled the trigger and used my income-tax money.


These are a very nice guitar in the 500-buck range.  Small-bodied and with a slightly-shorter scale, it has a laminate "Sapele" body with a solid top.  Comes with medium-gauge Elixir strings.

The back has a pronounced swell.   Whatever...It works.  Sounds like a bigger guitar, with a nice, balanced tone.   Excellent fingerstyle guitar, but flatpicks very nicely too.   I really like the satin finish, it feels like wood instead of plastic....

Comes in a nice heavily-padded gig bag with a neck support; very protective and has a big gear pocket on the front.

Also, Taylor has an add-on pickup system that essentially just plugs in to a pre-installed bracket.  You replace the standard end-pin with the supplied jack and you're ready to go.  If you want, you can drop another 60 bucks for a cord with a built-in volume control.


If you're looking for a nice, handy instrument with a big sound, this one is worth taking for a spin.

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I bought one right before Christmas for a travel guitar, and I had the p/u installed sounds great plugged in but unplugged it doesn't have a lot of volume, but I would highly recommend it for travel, the only guitar this small with more going for it was composite acoustic's cargo model and they quit manufacturing those. Garybobb


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