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All of you Georgia members oughta be mighty proud of the accomplishments of the Zac Brown Band. They just won the top spot for an ACM award for new band or duo.....My monies on them winning the overall award come April 5th. First time I heard "Chicken Fried" with Zac's voice and the band member's musical ability.....I said ....Self, this is one fine group of 'ole country boys who are destined to be going platinum and having a ball getting there. The ACM award came to them the hard and old fashioned way......They Earned It. !!!!!!!

Gotta be my all favorite band to date.....BTW, that classical git-tar of Zac's fits in like a glove.....who'd thought such an instrument could sound so could mixed in with some good 'ole country western singing and playing.

Anyway, a pitcher of beer and a salute to the Georgia Peach State. Zac's the Man!!!


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Of course you know what this means: if they're that good, I'm gonna have to listen to some of their stuff! Time to go hit Google...
Yo Ken, have ya checked ZBB's videos yet? Your mission...if you choose to accept it.... is to go to GAC on the net and vote for your Georgia boys...if you like ' case you don't, well...Ken 'ole buddy....I'll have to assume you may be an 'ole Buck Owens fan....HEEHAW!!!!

I've been following the new "critique" group....don't have anything to offer yet, so, I'll stand by and peek in every now and, I'm a realist, not gonna get much reaction to any input I may have....simply because of the WV connection...ya know how it goes, what the H- - - would a couple hillbillies know about music anyway? Gheeze.... Hank Williams Sr. just happened to croak in WV.......we didn't kill far as I know???? Now, how's that sense of humor....southern style???

Welp....synonym for "well".....Welp, better get to packing for a few days, going up to my hunting camp and finish some plowing ( yankees call it cultivating) and planting some goodies for the deer, turkeys and blackie bears. Seems I'm busier now than before I retired 20 months ago.....hey, I'm not complaining though.


Seeing as how I was born in Macon (in 19550 I am still a Georgia Boy at heart) do I find the Georgia Boys group!?!?!? Edward
Edward~~~~It's (The Zack Brown Band) Go to you tube look for the song Chicken Fried my fav. They really are a very good group. Just down home country music with a bluegrassy kind of feel to it.
Absolutely the best new country group going!


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