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I am suer that this subject has been discussed  many times. For anyone who is not tired of sharing answers... Now that I am actually in one place, above ground; for whenever I was wondering if there is a simple answer of whether it is better to leave our instruments (guitars and/or banjos etc. ) on stands without cases or with. I am more concerned with those that may not get played as frenquently as those that we play everyday.

Moisture, Dryness, Vulnerability, Geographical Region...tornado, flood, wind, extreme cold, extreme heat...beyond air-conditiioning and heat; I know are always concerns; as well as just forgettign to take them out for a walk once in a while.

So if one of y'all have a moment, I'd appreciate a new thought or rehash an old one, or a referral to something already here.

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Even when I was a maximum amounts of guitars each and every one stayed on Stands and I would check them over the winter with hydration and an even tempature through out the homes we have owned ( maiximum was 23 ) at any given time and now that we have downsized our home ( and my collection since I retired from playing ) they stay out so they always get played

When I bought a house where I could have a room for my guitars, I thought it would be cool to mount some slatboard and have them hanging up for all to see.  After a few months, I went back to keeping them in cases. It just wasn't worth the risk of something stupid happening like tripping over a cable and causing some damage. Also it cuts down on the dust and UV rays. I made case stands out of the plastic 5 shelf units sold at Home Depot. Two of them can make 5 stands. You cut the front and center out of the second shelf, leaving the sides and back. Each one can hold upright four acoustic cases or six electric. With these stands along the wall, and a label on each case, I can quickly find the one I want. Good Luck  

Adriaan, I keep my instruments in their cases.  They are just safer there.  I check the sponge in the humidifier weekly and recharge it if necessary and it takes about 5 minutes of my time.  Just enough time for my tea to cool,,,

3 guitars, 1- 5 string, 1 mandolin

1 fiddle (poor thing - no humidifier as the case is too small)

Well, you have clearly defined the issue - easy access vs protection.  My personal solution is to keep my performing instruments  (i.e. the ones I use onstage) out on a stand and collectible instruments in their cases.  This does mean that the collectible instruments don't get played as much, which is a shame, but they do stay in better condition.  And I always have something around that is easy to grab and play.

Not that I have a great deal of experience or anything but I do have an eight year old grandson that tears ( for those not in the know tears is running at light speed) around the house, so my travel guitar stays in it's case as protected as it csan be and my practice guitar is in a stand.


And yes it has been hit once or twice.

I keep mine in a case when I'm not playing it, on a stand (a good and sturdy one!) when I'm using it. Acoustics are especially fragile to damage if bumped or dropped or banged against something, more so than solid-body electrics. I've always added the price of a good, hardshell case to any guitar purchase as part of the whole deal. Some people like gig bags but, I've learned from experience that they're not a good idea, especially for a cherished or valuable instrument - they just don't provide enough protection from damage.

I keep all of my guitars in their hard cases... all the time, unless I am playing them.  I keep them humidified with Oasis soundhole humidifiers.  They're safer and better off this way, in my opinion.  It is not hassle for me to get them out of their cases to play them.  Good luck!  JrK

I have all of my guitars hanging on the wall.  There is no chance of being knocked over, and I have them high enough that small ones cannot reach them.  This is one wall.  I use Hercules hangers.  Best price I have found is at Brook Mays Music on the net.

Wall hangers is the only way to go.


I keep mine out on the stands within easy reach at all times.  Every evening I rotate between them over and over again until my fingers get tired and my eyes start to droop.  I have a hygrometer on the table next to them and I watch the humidity level carefully.  Below 40% and I put the soundhole humidifiers in before I leave the room.  If it should ever drop to an alarming degree, I would turn to the cases for protection, but so far, getting below 40% is a rare issue.  I'm lucky in that respect!  BTW, I highly recommend Kyser soundhole humidifiers because you can actually play the guitar (albiet muffled a bit) with the device in place.  Great for after hours strumming when the others are trying to sleep!

I always keep my guitars in a case unless I am playing them. I do not use guitar stands, having seen too many terrible accidents involving them tipping over, including once on stage, resulting in a neck break.

I have several guitars that reside in gig bags, but most of mine have hard cases.


When the weather gets quite cold or too warm and the humidity is under 45% , then it's time to take extra care of your guitar when you take her outdoors.

I highly recommend:

Other than that - I keep mine in their cases (if too cold - like now over here in the Netherlands - 15 to 20 degrees Cel.) and put a humidifier in there with them ( - keep an eye on my 'babes' and treat them with love and care. Away from heater, out of the sun, etc....



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