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I am suer that this subject has been discussed  many times. For anyone who is not tired of sharing answers... Now that I am actually in one place, above ground; for whenever I was wondering if there is a simple answer of whether it is better to leave our instruments (guitars and/or banjos etc. ) on stands without cases or with. I am more concerned with those that may not get played as frenquently as those that we play everyday.

Moisture, Dryness, Vulnerability, Geographical Region...tornado, flood, wind, extreme cold, extreme heat...beyond air-conditiioning and heat; I know are always concerns; as well as just forgettign to take them out for a walk once in a while.

So if one of y'all have a moment, I'd appreciate a new thought or rehash an old one, or a referral to something already here.

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Frisky animals and/or rambunctious small children definitely impact the issue. :-)

I live in Virginia.  We don't have extreme heat or cold, but I always store my guitars in their cases with an in case humidifier in the sound hole.  I would love to have them out to display because I love the look of them, but I'd rather be safe than sorry.

I have 2 McAlisters and a BTO LKSM in koa. They never see the inside of a case unless they're leaving the house. This how it's been with me for almost 50 years. You can either be obsessively protective or you can enjoy your guitars visually as well as play them whenever the muse strikes you.

Boy, do I agree with that!!  I want to grab my guitar as soonb as the mood strikes me as often as I need to!!

I like having quick-and-easy access to my seven-guitar collection, so I keep them hanging on the wall.  The question of whether to do that or not, I think, comes down to whether you have a room to store them in that a) doesn't get a lot of traffic, and b) in which you can control the environment.  I don't have small children, and I have a bedroom that I use as a combined office and music room.  I use a Sunbeam "whole house" humidifier, which does the job well for this one room in the brutally dry desert climate I live in.  I keep the door closed all the time, and the room is dark when I'm not using it.  The only concern left is dust, and I can live with a quick swipe with a feather duster once in a while.  Works for me, but your mileage may vary.

I doubt there is a simple answer on case vs. stand, but I find I play mine more when they're out in the open.  To avoid guitarcide by high-speed grandsons, I keep them in a corner of my office out of the line of traffic.  So far, no problem!


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