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I am about to get a Fender Deluxe Reverb amp. I am wondering whether I can also plug my flattops into it. I have a Baggs Element under the bridge in each one. Any feedback problems? Experience doing it? I have a Roland AC-60, but would like to use only one amp when going out. Thanks for any suggestions.


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Hi Matt,

You can plug your flattops into it but that amp was not designed for acoustic guitars so it may not sound all that
good. They do make specialized guitar amps for acoustics.

Have fun....

Thanks, Ty. I have a good acoustic amp, but as I start to venture outside and play with other people, I want to have both an electric and acoustic, but only one amp. Too many trips back and forth to the car. I ended up not getting the Deluxe, but a Dr. Z, which surprisingly is kind to my flattops. But, I totally agree with the preference for an acoustic amp. Much appreciate the response.
I've got 2 Super Reverbs, from Fender, 1969,and,1979. They've both been used for PA's, with Sure Microphones, I've used them with a transducer, they put in a Martin I had. The Microphones, where enough for 4 people, 2 Mkes, in a 100 person capacity bar, with room to spare, and, get 'em off the street. Proper placement,and, tubes makes feedback, a memory.
The little slant legs work quite well also, if You have them.
Look into a cheap Behringer DI Box, I went out an picked up a Topp Audio cheapy just to see if it would help running my acoustics into a Vox AC30, and it worked wonders for me, I just have to A/B it since I don't want my electrics running through the DI. I think I paid about $30 for the Topp Audio (Passive) one I got. You can also run the output to a mixer and A/B between electric and acoustic and run your acoustic to FOH with the DI box.


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