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Very Interesting:Hohner EL-SD Plus Dreadnought

I was a little surprised when I saw a review in AG for the Hohner EL-SD Plus Dreadnought.  I wasn't quite sure how an acoustic guitar made by a well know manufacturer of harmonicas would fair in the acoustic guitar arena.  What first struck me is the top which is made out of solid Sitka!  Beside that is the rosewood fretboard and laminated mahogany back and sides.  Sounds pretty good.  I'm not sure how a three-piece mahogany neck compares to a solid one.  Does anyone want to elaborate?

Something else that sounds good is what is called the "Earvana system" which delivers on the spot intonation.  The claim is the system helps provide excellent intonation up and down the fretboard.   The review attests to this fact making it one of the best buys around for the price.

Price is really surprising...  Street price is around $269!  Wow!  I want all my students to get one!  I want one!  Well, maybe first I'd like to find one and play it myself.  Intonation is a big issue for lower priced acoustic guitars most times.  It can make or break playability.  Worse yet, beginners don't know the better which can be very discouraging for them.

If the claims are all good for the Hohner I'd definitely recommend it to any beginner looking for a starter acoustic guitar.  I don't think you can find better for the price.


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Here you go John some bit of info on Hohner company but just so you know they have been making guitars for some time now.
And yes they are a very nice little starter guitar, but like all instruments needs a bit of a set up from the get go but I am sure that you'd be able to help your students with the basics of adjusting the neck and depending on finger strenght as to how low to take the saddle and for a while I am sure they can leave the nut at its factory height.Ship
John, a few years ago I was thinking the same thing when I came across one of their guitars. They had these weird exotic models then along with a few more normal models. I found some exotic one that looked like a cow peed on a 2X4 and picked it up just because it was so gaudy looking. That thing whaled. Some of the finest sounds I have ever heard came out of that guitar. Beautiful tone, craftsmanship, etc. I actually wish I had of bought it. It was some Siberian Sitka or something. I dont' think they make them anymore; but I would love to have one if I could find one. They were around the same price range as you have stated.

By all means check out this guitar -- I bought one over a Taylor Big Baby and Martin DX1 in January of this year, and that was before I even knew about the "Hohner Challenge" that you can see on YouTube. This guitar rings true all the way up the neck -- the sophistication of tone and the playability at this price point is utterly ridiculous, but I am all the better for it. Please check it out and buy a bunch for your students -- the claims are as advertised and, in my opinion, even more so...


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