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Hi all here's one from left field. I've been using my still camera (Canon G-10) to record the few videos that I've posted here. Video quality is ok, but the sound is not so good.. I'm wondering if there might be any thoughts about video recorders with external mic.input, or if I can rig something with my Canon...Thanks!!

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If you have a separate digital audio recorder, you could record with both, then use video editing software to merge the camera's video and audio recorder's sound. Keep your fingers crossed that the timing is close enough so it's effectively in sync.
Hi Bob,

I use a Canon Vixia HV30 mini-DV camcorder to shoot my instructional videos, and it has an external mic input. I use a lavalier (sp?) mic for my voice, and I plug the guitar in through the pickup. Here's an example, if you'd like to see what this all turns out like. I just put this up on YouTube a couple of days ago:

How to Play "The Butterfly" (trad. Irish tune, 9/8 time, DADGAD tuning)

I also recently heard there's a micro-mini-DV camera out (Kodak, I think?) with a mic input. You wouldn't get the lens quality of the Vixia, but the price is pretty great. Yeah, I think it's Kodak. I'm sure you could track it down without too much trouble.

Keep us posted! -Lisa
If I were buying today, I would get a Zoom Q3. The video quality isn't as good as some other cameras but with the built in mics, the audio is supposed to be better.

I use a flip Mino HD, which has decent video quality but the audio is not the greatest.

The bottom line is that it comes down to the bottom line - how much can you spend? Lisa McCormick's recommendations are good and her videos have excellent sound and video quality. The price for that quality is a little under $1000. The Zoom Q3 is under $250.

Good luck with whatever route you wind up taking.
HI John, thanks for sending that along...I looked at the Zoom Q-3 and it looks..or sounds promising. I like the lower price...I won't really use a video camera for anything other than posting my guitar work up here. I too looked at Lisa's video...amazing clear pro results...great lighting, great sound...pant pant LOL! I'm going to check into rates for a pro camera rental...As I'll only have limited use for a vid camera....I'm thinking renting might be a solution...I have a number of pieces ready to record...maybe do them all in a weekend? Depends on the cost...we'll see. Anyway, thanks for your response...If the pro rental is too much $$ the Zoom looks good...Thanks again!


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