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Hello All,

First post...I am looking for  a great vocal mic, I am currently using Shure sm 58 and would like to step up....any suggestions? 

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I have used that mic for 30 years and it is still an industry standard..... there are some wireless and effected mic systems out there but you got a great mic already ...  there are also some that look like the old silver opry style mics that are supposed to be good

Thank you Sonia for your reply!

Yes it is a great mic but (I don't know how to exactly say this) it sounds harsh and metallic to me and I am looking for a warmer sound.....The Lord knows my voice needs all the help it can get....I don't use any effects and I am running it through a Mackie powered mixed with not the greatest speakers....sometimes through my fender acoustasonic jr. amp....Any advice is more than welcome and appreciated!

speakers can make ALL the difference in the world when it comes to try warming it up by rolling highs down and maybe even mids.bump the bass up a tad..  reverb will warm it up if the mackie has it ... just a touch not too much ...   . better speakers with a better bass and low mid response  might be a better investment .than a new mic         .. the mic is a good one       I hope this helps.

Thanks for the advice, I will look at some better speakers first.... with me it's kinda like fishing....if you don't catch any fish maybe you need some new riggin'  lol... I have played with the eq's some but I have shied away from speakers....I don't gig much and never with my PA, it is in my shop for practice....Do you have any advice on speakers....The speakers I have certainly sound better after a few

lol  I sound better the more brewskis you drink .........if it was me I would go to a music store and talk to a sound guy there who can set up a system similar to yours as far as mic and mixer  or lug your stuff over and test different speakers till you find what you like ...I don't think you will  get a good mic sound out of that acoustic amp .. it is for guitars ...  you could see if there is a small mic/acoustic guitar  combo that would be good for gigs and practice .... dunno if they make something like that but they might ... 

Thank you so much, The brewskis do help don't acoustasonic is a combo amp with one channel for mic and it has some effects and really sounds pretty good but I am always looking to improve my sound....I thought maybe a new mic but I think you are right on with upgrading my speakers first....thanks for your imput

glad I could help...  definitely not the mic ..  I had my first sm 58 20 yrs and dropped it on stage once too many times ... I cried ...   bought another one the next week..  they are tough reliable and sound good with a good system ... I have used them in road bands with a different pa at every bar and could always get a good sound as long as the pa was halfway decent .. ..  in my experience speakers are at least half to 3/4 of the sound the rest is operator and board ...  even a shitty board will sound good if the speakers are... thanks for friending me ..  I had forgot they even had that on here lol

what do you dislike about it?


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