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Washburn WD750SWCE (solid wood series) anyone?

Hi folks,

This is my first post, as I am new to acoustic guitar. I am seeking some input to help me with my guitar shopping. I am looking at an all wood (Engleman spruce top, Ovenkol back and sides) acoustic/electric Washburn that is currently on sale for $549. This seems like a great deal. Any thoughts from someone who is experienced player or someone who owns a WD760SWCE?

I recently got a deal on a new Alvarez AD70ce acoustic/electric for less than $300 (and have 30 days to return it). It has Sitka spruce top and laminate redwood sides. It has similar electronics (mic and pickup). My goal is just to use them for practice and some home recording. So, my second question is whether a novice is going to notice a huge difference between the laminate and the all wood guitar (that is worth the extra $250).


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Thanks for the link, Ship - and for offering to search for a local Washburn dealer for me. However, I found a brand new Masterbilt dreadnought on sale for $450 and decided to pull the trigger. I really like the way the electronics sound and decided it was hard to find a better value at this price, given the quality of materials (e.g., grover tuners, bone nut/saddle, solid spruce top, solid mahogany back/sides).

I appreciate all the valuable input that was provided here.

Congrats! Enjoy! :-)

Good stuff at the end of the day just that you have a guitar in hand is all that matters.ship

I checked with Washburns head guy and he says that he couldn't find one in your area either, so looks like you made a better decision.ship

Thanks, Ship! It is too bad that Washburn doesn't seem to have more of a presence in the bricks-and-mortar world. They have lower end guitars at GC but their upper end guitars offer some real value in the under $1,000 market.

Hi folks,

I received my new Epiphone Masterbilt acoustic today. It plays pretty nice right out of the box. However, I have one "bone" of contention. It is supposed to have a bone nut and saddle. However, it did not come equipped with a fully compensated saddle, as is shown in many of the product shots for this model. So, I have two questions for you, if someone would be kind enough to answer:

1) does a fully compensated saddle make an important difference in sound quality? And 2) do you know if I have a fully compensated saddle installed, would that constitute enough of a modification to void my warranty?


Well changing the saddl eout will not be a big thing as for a compensated saddle well as long as the guitar is in corrct pitch up and wn the fretboard you should be fine though I doubt that would be the case. As for what would void the warranty well it modifications like changing tuners re working the bridge and such.ship

Thanks, Ship. Here's a naive question. When it's said that a saddle is a "drop in" - is that literal? I have never been a do-it-yourself guy. So, I have no idea if the original saddle has been glued in or not? I am worried about getting the original out without damaging bridge.

I see that most luthiers want $50 to $60 to carve out a compensated bone saddle (in addition to the price for a proper setup). Yet, I see after market bone saddles for less than $10.00. Any ideas, gang?


That is exactly what that means Steve to take a new saddle and just drop it into the bridge slot. And the difference between one made by someone and one you would buy ( after market except for those made by Bob Colossi ) is that the ones made for you are often intonated for you where an after market one well it will be close but if you have those kind of ears that can tell the difference it can be some what irritating. As mentioned Bob has made so many saddles for so many guitars that his can be almost as close as if he had your guitar right there with him.ship

both guitar builders turn out good product. For an investment of $250 extra, I would buy the all solid wood washburn and never look back. And yes, as a new person to guitars you would notice a difference in a side by side comparison. Just check it out after playing for 3 months. I think you will be glad youdid.

Washburn makes a nice guitar for the money. Personally I think the Avlarez's are a little better. Also I think people often get too caught up in the "is it solid or not" issue. The fact is a well made solid top guitar can sound better than a poorly made all solid wood guitar. Even though you say you are a novice, you should still trust your own ears. If you like the sound and feel of a particular guitar, don't let anyone tell you that your WRONG. I have always been a believer that specs are secondary to craftsmanship.


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