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I owned my poor old 1967 Silvertone by Harmony for over 45 years and currently it's in the hands of Robert Stoner who is breathing new life into it after all the years of abuse it suffered in my "care."


What guitar have you owned the longest and do you still have it??

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I owned a Penco dread of some type from 1980 (bought new) through 1997 - didn't play it much from 1987 through 1997 (ex-wife didn't like music - should have been a sign...) - it disappeared somehow/somewhere during the divorce - I had other things to worry about then, so it is gone...

My "forever" wife likes it when I play (!) - should have been a test for the first one...we do get older and wiser...

Right now, the one I have that I have owned the longest is my Cordoba C5 - given to me by a friend last March - it is the guitar I played for my father in hospice as he passed last May - it will NEVER be sold...

Your "forever wife" sounds perfect and she wins lots of free tickets too!! You are a lucky man.Thanks for sharing the story about your Dad.

thanx for sharing about your Dad...mine passed in '71.He never got to hear me play as an adult. My 3yr old Border COllie and I are now a trained Hospice TherapyTeam. We've yet to start tho...

IMHO, you may have a need to add to your wonderful group of guitars! I found that a nylon-string guitar is perfect for the hospice situation - very mellow and calming (especially when played fingerstyle, although light strumming with the thumb is very nice, too). If you happen to sing to/with any patients, you can sing softly and be heard over the guitar. Classicals aren't just for classical music pieces anymore... ;-)

I borrowed my father's guitar in 1963, and never returned it. In 1967, I got his permission to bring it along to Europe, then, in 1973, I took it back to Angola, and in 1974 brought it back to Portugal. I still keep it.

Some ten years ago, I met the man that probably made it. It's a tremendous story: in 1936, he was a young cabin boy in the Navy, and he took part in a revolt against the fascist regime. He was sent to prison for 14 years, and there he started making mandolins, and other instruments, for his fellow prisoners. When he was released, he starded working as a luthier at the workshop where the guitar was made...

The instrument must have been made in the late 50's, and my father bought it , second handed, from a professional fado guitarist. It's a high quality instrument, made of plane tree wood (similar to sicamore or maple). I now own about a dozen instruments, but this particular guitar has shaped the way I play... it needs some repair and, since I learned how to make and repair instruments, I intend to repair it in the next autumn. By Spring, it will complete 50 years in my hands... A true "Love Story"!

You have me beat by just a few years I am the proud owner of a seagull 6 with only a 5 digit serial number. I am the second owner and purchased it in 94. I hope to pass it to one of my kids and I am only 40! Lol I think it sounds much better than my dads Martin.

We need photos of both of these ancient "Gulls !!

I hope I get these right!  Pictures just dont capture the beauty of this shy girl!


Oh and here is the label, this is before they started putting the serial number on the head stock.


Interesting to see how the unique Seagull headstock has evolved a bit over the years ... also has an un-compensated saddle.  Otherwise, looks pretty much like the new ones.  Great designs don't need to change much!

Very true....Mine does not have the nice trim around the edge of the head stock like more current models. Plus the top is a bit more squared off.

Nice top! Is it Canadian red cedar?


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